Updates Galore!

The biggest update is the update to my blog! I had a little extra money this month and decided to upgrade my blog account from free to premium. This means I get my own domain name, can customize my site, and I can start making money on ads. So even if you don't like my … Continue reading Updates Galore!


My Year in Review

2016.....What can we say about this year? A lot of bad things happened from Harambe, to Syria, to Brexit, to the shooting at Pulse nightclub, to the refugee crisis, to the devastating wildfires in Tennessee, to terrorist attacks and it all culminated in the election of an unqualified, disgusting, horrible orange-colored donkey as president. This … Continue reading My Year in Review

Holiday Traditions and How Things Went Differently This Year

For as long as I can remember my family has done the exact same thing every Christmas. That is how traditions are made, you do them over and over again. As we have gotten older the traditions have changed slightly but still were mostly the same. But just like in my Thanksgiving post, this year … Continue reading Holiday Traditions and How Things Went Differently This Year