Captain Underpants and other things…..

As I mentioned in my last post, this last weekend I took my nephew to see the new Captain Underpants movie. He loved it but I think I loved it even more! While the movie has a lot for the little ones there is a good amount of talking and jokes that kids might not get. Either way, it was pretty much like they took the book and put in on the screen, every book nerds dream ever! The potty humor, the flip-o-ramas, the nostalgia, they were all there! After that we went back to his house and played outside, and had dinner with Tyler. Kendal decided to pass out at early, too early, but Tyler and I got some Buffy watching in. We let him sleep for an hour and half, woke him up, and played for a couple more hours before it officially became bedtime. We fell asleep watching the new Pokemon series, which I kind of enjoyed. Next to getting to spend quality time with Kendal, I got to spend quality time with Paisley. Paisley is a mini-schnauzer mix and she is the cutest girl puppy ever. I saw girl puppy because well have you seen Percy? He’s beautiful. Anyway, I got to play and cuddle and sleep with that adorable little girl and I wanted to steal her so bad. The next day Tyler made lunch for his family to celebrate his sister, Kim, returning from Greece. When I say made I really mean assembled because it was a charcuterie board. We had four different types of meat, three different types of cheese, two types of olives and rounded it with homemade pickled red onions. We made it home before dinner, we each made separate things, and spent the rest of the night lounging around not doing anything. Watching a four year old boy is tiring work!

This week I have been plagued by awful headaches so there hasn’t been much going on when I get home from work. I’ve just been cuddling with the boys, by boys I mean just Opie because cuddling is beneath Prince img_0623.jpgPercy and trying to stay awake while watching Buffy. Speaking of the boys, I haven’t really given much of an update since I started writing again. I’ll start with Opie since he is my favorite! A couple of weeks ago Opie was having some serious tummy issues, I mean he would not stop pooping! It started after Tyler tried to walk him more to help him with his weight issues. Opie has gotten very chunky. Anyway Tyler has since stopped taking him on his chunky walks and the diarrhea has stopped. I think it was Opie’s form of protest. Little does he know that we are planning to start a diet for him soon since the chunky walks didn’t work out. Percy is still Percy, weird, paranoid, easily scared but he has been hanging out with us a little bit more when he isn’t laying in the closet. It’s his new thing. If you enter the bathroom and he wants in the closet he follows you in and stares until you open it. What would I do without that beautiful little weirdo!

This weekend is going to be another big food weekend at the Ewen-Murphy household! We are doing a big seafood boil, even though Tyler is allergic, baked ziti, homemade chocolate croissants, chicken salad sandwiches, and beef and broccoli. Again I will try to remember to take pictures of all the food but we know how well that turned out last time. I’m going to start mixing up post types soon. These update posts have been getting me back in the groove and I want to write more! So expect posts about my job, history, food, pets, family, short stories and of course my life!



Percy’s 2!


Today is Percy’s second birthday. I can’t believe that he is only two! We sometimes forget
he is still so young because he 11039340_10152903022854075_6505851642979637273_ndoesn’t act like the traditional puppy, thanks in large part to his breed. He has his crazy moments like any other puppy, but he prefers to be by himself in the bedroom or staring out his window to check up on his neighborhood.

So in honor of my little weirdo turning 2, I though I would share the story of how we got our little guy!

Percy is my first pure bred dog. You don’t think that there can be anything different between a mutt and a pure bred, but you would be thinking wrong. He is a Shiba Inu, a relatively new breed of dog in the United States but an ancient dog in Japan (so ancient it is considered the first breed of domesticated dog in Japan). Shiba Inu roughly translates to brushwood dog or little brushwood dog and they were used as hunting dogs to flush out small prey from shrubs. The breed was introduced to the U.S. in the 1950’s and thanks to the internet has slowly grown in popularity, enter the Doge Meme. This breed of dog is very loosely labeled a dog. Their mannerisms are very similar to cats. They are more stand-offish and aloof, they prefer to be by themselves, and they clean themselves just like cats. There is also the “shiba scream”, a sound you will hear no other dog make and is literally a scream. They do it when they are unhappy or annoyed but they also do it when they are excited and happy. You never know when your Shiba will let out the blood-curdling noise. The first time Percy did it was a few nights after we got him, in the middle of the night. We think Opie was bothering him in his kennel so he screamed. It scared the shit out of both of us as we were dead asleep, I seriously almost peed myself.

Opie was two months out from his near death experience (I will write more about this in another post) and Tyler and I had been wanting another puppy for awhile. We began our search in October of 2014 and didn’t get Percy until March 2015. I had joined a bunch of dog groups of Facebook but hadn’t been checking them due to the Opie situation and we had certain breeds in mind, Jack Russell and Shiba Inu, but they rarely popped up. One day at work, someone finally posted about Shiba Inu puppies that were available. I immediately screenshotted it and sent it to Tyler.

1499689_10153048351694075_1066393709097599953_nPeople began flooding the post with questions about the puppies. They were four month old black Shiba Inu puppies. Shiba Inus come in 4 different colors, orange, black, white and tan, which is kind of a mixture of black and orange. We had only ever seen the orange and since I only have ever had unique dogs I fell for the black. They were born on an Amish farm in the middle of nowhere Indiana. The Amish farm immediately raised a flag and the post began to be bashed for being a puppy mill. I decided to privately message the poster, who was not the seller but a friend and asked for more pictures and information. I did not want a puppy mill dog and she sent me several pictures proving it was not a puppy mill and gave the owners glowing recommendations.

The next day I called and spoke to the seller and agreed to come out that Saturday to see the puppies. Tyler and I were stoked. I believe Percy was 400 dollars and even came with a certificate to be registered but we never did that. So we drove out to Amish country on a beautiful spring day and after breifly getting lost we found the farm. We pulled in and were greeted by a dog immediately. The kennels could easily be seen and were large and spacious. The family bred both Shiba Inu puppies and American Eskimo Puppies. Their were only three puppies left, all boys. We met the owner and he let us walk over to the kennel and watched as the fluffy balls bounced around with their mom. We could also see their dad a couple of kennels down.

All of the puppies were cute and each had different coloring. One was mostly black, one 11813271_10153146048184075_7307986869499676515_n
had more white and orange markings, and Percy was right in the middle. The largest one was much more hyper than the other two and the smallest sort of stayed back but again Percy was right in the middle. He was excited to see people but still nervous. Tyler pointed to the biggest one but I pointed to Percy, so we of course got Percy.

The transaction was quick and in about 20 minutes we were driving home and I had a stinky puppy on my lap. He was really stinky when we got him which is why his nickname is Stinky. He also threw up in my car twice, once on my shoe, but I didn’t even care. I was happy to have a new puppy.

We talked about his name the whole way home and finally decided on Percy. Tyler will tell you he is named after Percy Harvin but I say he is named after Perseus. When we got home, he fell asleep with me on the couch for almost 2 hours. That was the last time we have cuddled for that long. He will lay with you but wants his space, so if you are at one end of the couch he is at the other. He loved being in his kennel, so we let him get comfortable with the apartment and us at his own pace. We soon realized he had a love for paper and fabric softener sheets. He loves to tear them up into the smallest pieces possible but he doesn’t eat them (unlike Opie who eats inappropriate things all the time). I lost two pairs of black flats to the chewing face but for the most part he was the best puppy.

Even though he is quirky, he has been the best addition to our little family. While I sometimes wish he was more cuddly and a little less quirky but overall he is perfect just the way he is.



This year Opie turned 6.njfcqyq

While he isn’t the first dog I have ever had, he is the first dog that has been just mine.

I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old and I remember the whole story as if it all happened yesterday.

I was a sophomore in college and a friend of mine texted me one day and asked if I wanted a puppy. I barely read the full text before immediately replying yes. I realized then that maybe I should ask some questions but I knew I wanted a puppy more than anything. While I had friends in my classes at college, I didn’t really hang out with them outside of school. Not that they didn’t ask, I am just painfully awkward when it comes to initial social interactions especially on a new playing field. A puppy would keep company on late study nights and weekends. And when someone offers you a free puppy are you really going to say no?

It turns out that his brother’s dog had gotten knocked up by his mom’s. Opie’s mom was mutt. She has a boxer face, but longerish hair like a German Shepherd. Opie’s dad was a full-blooded pug. So Opie came out looking like a goofy pug/boxer hybrid.

rvhiovfI asked all the necessary questions and finally 100% said yes to taking one of the puppies. There were six in the entire litter and I knew I wanted a boy. I have never had much luck with girl animals, ranging from a stubborn goat who refused to walk and would drop to her knees if forced and a kitten that bit me on my ass while I was sleeping and tore up my prom dress. He sent me a picture and I knew almost immediately which one I wanted and I hoped it was a boy.

Most of the puppies came out brindled  with black and dark drown, but two came out pug tan. I knew I wanted one of those, they were way cuter than their siblings even though they all looked alike. One was a girl who was spoken for and the other was a boy and the second largest in the bunch. I pounced on him and told my friend he was spoken for too.

When they got a little older, I made a trip to go and see the little rollie-pollie. He was chunky and wrinkly and perfect. Two weeks later, just before Christmas, I went and picked up my new baby.

He cried the whole way to my parent’s house, mostly because he had escaped my lap while I was driving and fell under the seat. That might account for why he so afraid of the car now, but anyway, we got home and I didn’t put him down for the rest of day.

What to name him stumped me. I wracked my brain trying to find something that fit my little wrinkly butt but nothing worked. That night, my parents went out to dinner with some friends and one of them suggested both Opie and Otis. I fell in love with both names but Opie was the one that stuck. I always tell me that I chose that name because of two of my favorite shows, the Andy Griffith Show and Sons of Anarchy. Two extremely opposites but both characters fit my Opie.1f3win8
Opie and I have been together ever since. On the very few occasions that I have to be apart from him for longer than a day suck but I know that when I get home he will always be excited and happy to see me. I have many stories to share about my chunky butt but for now I will just leave you with this introduction. Stay Tuned!

A Tough Week So Far

This week has been a tough one. Percy has been itching himself for over a month and being the ding dong that I am, I thought it was just allergies. I mean his brother (though technically not his brother, he isn’t even the same breed) wasn’t itching at all so I never thought it was anything other than weird Shiba Inu stuff. Welp, turns our my poor little Stinky (Percy’s nickname) had fleas! I have never had a dog have fleas like this ever. We realized it late and he is missing fur under his back legs. We searched Opie and sure enough he had some too but not as bad as his brother. Tyler woke me on Sunday, from a nice dream by the way, saying we need to give the boys baths ASAP. Of course we were out of Dawn dish soap, this stuff works wonders on fleas! We got Percy from an Amish breeder in the middle of nowhere and were worried he might have come with some pests so we bought some. With no other problems in sight, I used the rest of it on the actual dishes. So I hoped up, ran to Kroger, bought the Dawn and two bones to make up for our bad puppy parenting and stopped at Starbucks. I needed the caffeine to fortify for the day to come.

The boys then got there baths. Opie hates baths, you can’t even say the word in passing without him running for the hills. So, he went first. Once you get him in the bathroom, he hops in all by himself and freezes into place. He got out and got the after bath zoomies while Tyler chased down Percy for his bath. We scrubbed him, rinsed him and scrubbed him again. Then he was set free and also had the after bath zoomies. I let the water drain out and I was cleaning up globs of his hair there were a bunch of dead fleas floating around. As a reward they got their bones, which was a great distraction for Percy to stop the itching. After they dried, I treated them with their flea medicine (something I need to be better about obvsiously) and slapped a pair of Tyler’s old underwear on Percy. This has proven to be a very good scratching deterrent.

The rest of the day went along as normal, Tyler watched football while I cuddled with Bubs (Opie’s nickname) and played Pokemon. Monday morning was uneventful, but Monday afternoon proved not to be. We got home and were changing out of our work clothes to walk the boys when we hear this strange splatter noise. It turns out, Opie’s stomach did not agree with the bone from the previous day and he just could not hold it in. So I got the nice choir of cleaning up liquid dog poop of the linoleum. Tyler had the choir of walking him which resulted in a lot more liquid poop. It just smelled awful. I made him some rice to settle his tummy and he is doing much much better, though he keeps trying to get us to give him the last bone chunk.

And now we get Tuesday. Tyler and I carpool to work. It saves me gas money and the anxiety of driving (which has gotten incredibly worse after 2 accidents in 2015 and one almost accident in 2016). Little did we know that this morning around 4 a.m. a truck carrying cookie dough caught on fire on our work route and was still happening when we left the house around 7. We tried to go around but the on ramps were closed, after looping around and around, we were finally able to get to work. I was 30 minutes late, Tyler was 45. Tyler doesn’t get mad or upset or grumpy about much, except traffic. He hates it more than anything and when he gets mad it is better to just not talk and let him have it out.

We are also suffering from colds, which is mostly my fault because I was sick first and gave it to Tyler.

At least we are half way through the week and things can only get better! Right?


An Adventure in Sushi Making

Another week down and the first story for He and She is finished! Before I publish it on here, I want Tyler to read through it and find all of my grammar errors. He has written several short stories himself but hasn’t published any. I wish I could swipe them from him and publish them myself, they are all really good.

We had a pretty good week (minus one minor setback) in the Murphy-Ewen Household. 13325719_10153788648314075_786734642520900410_nThe fourth of July weekend was rough on the boys. We already knew Opie hated fireworks but we were not prepared for Percy. He does not get all worked up during thunderstorms so we thought he would be okay with fireworks but boy were we wrong. The whole weekend involved prying him out from under the bed and dragging him outside at night to go potty. If he wasn’t under the bed, he wanted to hide in the back of the closet curled up in a little ball. Even now he doesn’t want to go outside after dark.

I went vegetarian for the week and it was a lot easier to drop meat than I thought. But in the end I love meat, I mean really love meat. I spent another lovely two days at IHS cataloging. I had my first reading room shift and everything went smoothly, it helped that there was only one person in the room for two hours. We went to look a new apartment this weekend and it was awful. The place was highly rated but the apartment was just way too small and the model they showed us literally smelled like shit.

I got to see some of my old work friends at a housewarming party. It was a lot of fun to sit Snapchat-4971154430950138678 (1)around and chat, drink and dance. Sunday consisted of homemade sushi, Bioshock Infinite, and chicken tikka masala. Sushi is my favorite food by far. I think about it at least once a day everyday. We have a Japanese grocery store not far from our apartment, we usually go there to eat at the their cafe but this weekend we went there to shop. It was a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be to make it myself. I read several horror stories of people trying and failing at making it themselves but I was going to try it anyway. It turned out amazing! From the homemade sushi rice to the freshness of the fish it was like eating at a sushi restaurant. Chicken tikka masala is one of our favorites and I love making it.

Overall it was a very good Sunday minus the bad news I received in the middle of my sushi making. I did not get the position at the Carmel Clay Historical Society. She said I did a great job in the interview, gave me pointers for my resume, would have been a great addition to the team but I lacked the experience they were looking for. I’ve started applying for positions that are full-time again and most of them are out of state. I don’t really know if that is the right move but I can’t afford to have a position that is only two days a week with all of the bills we have coming in. Oh well, I’m young and I am sure things will fall into place eventually.