A New Hobby

I have gotten really into knitting lately. Maybe a little too much. So I am going to blame my new obsession on why I haven’t posted a blog at all for the month of March. I was much too busy knitting to stop and type!

It all started several months ago when I wanted a new scarf and had the bright idea to make it myself. I ordered everything, got started and then left it partly finished for quite awhile. When I finally finished it, Tyler joked that I wouldn’t be able to wear it that much longer since it was February and winter was pretty much over. Boy was he wrong…. I found the simplest online tutorial to use through the YouTube channel, Sheep and Stitch. It involves chunky yarn and chunky needles which are extremely easy to work with as a beginner. It also uses the easiest stitch, the knit stitch. When I finally finished it, I had a glorious chunky scarf. It isn’t perfect but I’m pretty proud of it.


As I was finishing the scarf, I started to look for my next project and this time I was determined to finish it in a timely manner. I decided to make my next project a pillow case because it seemed pretty easy. I also decided to try a different stitch out too. I went back and forth between different online tutorials before I decided to just wing it. I mean the design, not the stitch, there is no way you can just do a new type of stitch willy-nilly.

Most online pillow tutorials go one of two ways. The first is to just knit a giant rectangle and then sew three of the edges together. The second is to just knit a square and sew it to a piece of fabric. Both ways end with stuffing the heck out of it and viola, pillow! I decided to knit two separate squares using stockinette stitch and sew them together. The squares came out pretty much the same size, and my pretty much I mean one was about an inch wider than it should have been. It would really help if I actually took the time to learn about gauge, i.e. how many stitches knitted with a certain type of yarn and needle size make up an inch. I also had to start over at least three times on each square because I kept messing up with stitch. The stockinette stitch, if you don’t already know, involves switching back and forth each row between the knit stitch and the purl stitch. If you are like me and you too get overly involved in watching what was happening on Mad Men and sometimes knit without thinking or really looking you know it causes problems. It took a little over a month to complete the damn thing but I think it looks pretty cool. I only had to restitch the edges twice to make them look seamless and used an old pillow’s stuffing to fill it out. Yeah it is a little lumpy and one corner looks weird but I’m still proud of it.

This last weekend I started on my next project, a Campfire Blanket Scarf. It could either be seen as a small blanket or a large scarf. Two of Wands is a pretty cool knitting site. She offers free patterns for a lot of her designs or you can buy them and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. The stitch on this project is the same as the scarf, the knit stitch, but things get complicated because of the stripes. I have to be a bit more precise in counting the number of rows and knowing when to switch between colors. I also have to pay attention to carrying the color not in use up the side of the work. This creates a pretty cool design on the edge but it also makes so you don’t have to cut, tie off, and bind in the yarn every time you need to switch colors. I should note that I have already messed up once in forgetting to carry up the color a row and I am sure it will happen at least two more times. But other than that, so far so good.


I have a bunch of leftover yarn from both of these projects but luckily I have a plan for them! Warm Up America is a charity I learned about through watching a knitting stream on Twitch. They take donations of blankets of all sizes, hats, gloves, and more and give them out to those in need. They also accept sections or squares of work that volunteers there will combine to make finished work. So my plan is to use what I have leftover to make afghan squares and try out new patterns/stitches, then mail them in when I have a good size stack of them done.

Nothing crazy or very interesting has been happening in our lives recently. I have been trying to start an everyday yoga practice. I was doing really well for almost two weeks but then came along the bumps in the road. I did it for a few days, stopped for a few days, then started, then stopped. It is a work in progress but I am determined to get better at it. I love doing yoga and I love the way it makes me feel and I just have to keep reminding myself of that. I am in love with Yoga with Adriene. She has a great YouTube channel but she also has a great website. I am currently working through her 30 Day Yoga Challenge, True, but she also offers a month long calendar for everyday yoga that changes every month and it’s free! She just has a great way of talking through each practice so you don’t have to look up at the video too much, she keeps you motivated, and at the end you just feel good about your workout and yourself.

I will try to be better about posting more frequently in the future, unless I fall down the knitting rabbit hole again!


The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has long been celebrated as a day of love and you know what I love? History! So I thought why not do a little history post today!

Where does Valentine’s Day even come from? That is a very good question and it is somewhat interesting topic. I fell down quite the rabbit hole researching the ins-and-outs of this holiday. I found myself reading about Lupercalia, a pagan festival some historians have tried to link to Valentine’s Day. I absolutely love ancient history so I really got sucked into it. I thought about including it here but since the two aren’t really linked other than the festival being celebrated from February 13th to the 15th, I left it out.  The day itself began with Saint Valentine and evolved from there into a romantic holiday. I started with the history behind the saint/saints, the legends that were told, and finally how things flipped from religious to romantic.

V0016605 Saint Valentine blessing an epileptic. Coloured etching.

There are 11 Saint Valentines but not all of them are associated with Saint Valentine’s Day. The two Valentines being honored on February 14th are Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni who were both killed on that day. These men were killed because they were Christians which made them martyrs. Valentine of Rome was a priest who was imprisoned, tortured and killed in 269 A.D.. His relics, usually body parts, became part of an important pilgrimage for Christians and his flower-wreathed skull is still on display at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome. Valentine of Terni was a bishop of Terni, then Intermna, who was imprisoned, tortured and killed sometime between 269 A.D. and 273 A.D.. Some believe the two might be the same person since the date surrounding Valentine of Terni is muddled and both died quite similarly and on the same day and month. There is also said to be a third Valentine who was killed in Africa along with a large group of companions but not much is known about him other than the fact he was also killed around February 14th.


Now the legends behind Saint Valentine are much more interesting to read about. The first legend says that Saint Valentine was a priest in Rome who illegally performed marriage ceremonies for young couples during the 3rd century. Emperor Claudius II had decided that young single men made better soldiers if they didn’t have a family to worry about and therefore made it illegal for them to marry. Valentine was caught and killed. The other legend is that Saint Valentine helped Christian’s escape persecution in Roman prisons. The transition from the old gods to a single god was a tumultuous situation in Ancient Rome and things went back and forth quite a lot. Christians would find themselves locked up and tortured for their beliefs and vice versa. Again he was caught and killed. Finally the most romantic legend was that Saint Valentine fell in love with the jailers daughter after being imprisoned and sent her the first ever Valentine. No matter the legend, Valentine is always presented as a romantic figure and eventually became one of the most popular saints in history.

Valentine 1

Valentine’s Day wasn’t seen as a romantic holiday until the 14th Century when Geoffrey Chaucer wrote Parlement of Foules. The work focuses on birds picking their mates for spring and mentions it taking place on Saint Valentine’s Day. People took that romantic notion of the day and ran with it. The oldest known example of a Valentine greeting card still around today is from 1415 and was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife after he was captured at the Battle of Agincourt. It became a popular holiday in the 17th century and it was common for friends and lovers to share greetings. In America in the 1840’s, Esther Howland introduced the first mass-produced Valentine’s Day card and the industry blew up. It is estimated that on Valentine’s Day over 1 billion cards are sent. In 1868, Cadbury created the signature Valentine’s Day chocolate box and during the second half of the 20th century all types of Valentine’s Day gifts, including jewelry, became popular.

I hope everyone enjoyed this quick history lesson on Valentine’s Day. It seems like it’s just a day for couples to be all gross and mushy but it is a day for all to celebrate any kind of love! Tell your friends you love them! Tell your pets you love them! And most importantly tell yourself!


Happy February!

When January and the New Year started I was really gungho about getting my blog up to the level that I wanted it to be at. I wanted to post at least once a week, have a variety of content, and be more active on social media. I did absolutely none of those things.

Every time I would sit down to write something up, it just felt daunting. The ideas wouldn’t come or if they did they would be half-formed and awkward. I have a few random posts done but I wrote them a long time ago and they just felt out of place. Tyler and I haven’t done anything all that exciting that has warranted a long post either. We are just living our normal lives, what’s fascinating about that?

I think I put too much pressure on myself which is exactly why I don’t believe in having an official New Years Resolution, you usually just let yourself down.

I know what I want to write about and what content I want to post but I’m worried people won’t like it. I am trying to be more creative this year and dabble in different things but I haven’t found the motivation.

So I have decided to just wing it from here on out. I am going to post things that I find interesting, like history and nerd stuff and photographs and just random shit I want to write about. Get ready folks things are getting exciting!


Quick update on how the year has gone so far.

My car died a couple of weeks in and needed a new battery. I never knew a battery could go from working one day to not working the next. It was an easy fix but still took two days. It broke down on an icy day and it took the tow truck forever to get to us due to slide-offs. Then they didn’t have the battery it needed in stock. It was nice to get the extra days home with the boys though. Tyler had a small fender bender too. He ran out to get some Hawaiian rolls for sandwiches I was making for dinner and a dog ran out in front of him. He hit the brakes to avoid the dog but ended up getting rear-ended. There wasn’t any damage to his car but he did have a sore neck the next day. Then just this last week I was either hit with a stomach bug or my stomach issues decided to crank it up by a thousand notches. It lasted for three days and my bathroom floor and I became best friends.

Ok enough of the bad, let’s move on to the good.

Tyler and I have been watching a string of new shows and movies. I finally watched Kill Bill and I really liked it. We’ve also been eating some really great food including Roasted Eggplant with a Tomato Meat Sauce and these amazing BBQ Chicken Quesadillas. I seriously love the website both of those recipes came from and it is usually my go-to for planning our meals. This month we are planning on not eating out, except for the occasional trip to Taco Bell for their fries.


Opie and Percy are perfect. Though I am a little worried about Opie’s eyes and his fatty tumor. His eyes are cloudy and always running which is normal for an older dog but he does seem to have some vision issues. His fatty tumor is located in his armpit and when he gets too active or moves too fast he stops whatever he is doing to lick his entire leg from the armpit down. They will need to get shots in a couple of months so I am going to have the vet do a full exam on him then and talk about removing the tumor, unless things get worse before then. Other than that though, they really are perfect. Percy has been so much more outgoing since we moved. He spends more time with us, he loves to watch the pond, and he has even been cuddling with us at night. Opie has just always been perfect and always will be.


I guess I should also mention Olivia. Olivia is our little kitty house guest for the winter and she has been here since the end of October. She is originally from Tyler’s mom’s house. She was an indoor cat who turned into an outside cat when the house got a little too crazy with three dogs, two of which were just puppies at the time, and she enjoyed being free outside rather than being cooped up inside with all of them. Tyler’s mom did have a plan to keep Liv warm and happy for the winter but we decided to take her in. We aren’t technically supposed to have a third animal but since it’s only for a few months we didn’t see the harm. Unfortunately I have fallen in love with her and now do not want to return her. She is up with me in the morning talking my ear off and is excellent at cuddling. She isn’t a huge Percy fan just because he has too much energy but she puts him in his place really quick. I think at first he thought she was an interactive toy but he’s slowly learning. Opie is another story. She hissed and swatted him on day one and he’s been extremely cautious with her since. He’s more careful and the two are getting closer every day. They tolerate laying in close proximity to one another, they beg for food with each other, Liv likes to try to play with him, especially when he wags his tail in her face, and even tried to clean his ears. It also helps that Opie has been around cats since he was a puppy and knows they aren’t toys.

I ditched my blonde hair a couple of weeks back to go back to brown. I couldn’t remember what my hair looked like and I ended up going a bit too dark but the color has faded nicely since then. I also cut off a couple of inches and added bangs. I’ve really enjoyed learning about dying and cutting hair and it has saved me a lot of money these last few years.

I will write again in a week! I promise!

New Year, New Age

Well folks, it is finally a new year and I am officially one year older. Tyler and I spent another lovely year together and are really looking forward to what this year has in store. So how about I get on to telling you the not-so-exciting tale of how we spent the holiday/my birthday!

If you don’t like blowing your nose every five minutes or coughing up a lung then our New Years Party would not have been the place for you. Tyler and I both are on the tail-end of a head cold. I’m not sure if I am feeling better because it is almost over or if it is because I am back at work and not just loafing around the house. Anyway, we had everything planned out for New Years Eve but came up with a back-up plan just in case we were still so sick that we couldn’t taste anything. New Years Eve and New Years Day/My Birthday have always been about food for me. I want to eat whatever I want to eat and make whatever I want to make. So our plan was to buy a ton of sushi on New Years Eve and also do appetizers with a back up plan of getting something less decadent if we didn’t feel good but still eat the appetizers. Luckily, by the time Sunday rolled around we were feeling a bit better and decided to go for the sushi. Sushi is my absolute favorite food. I seriously crave it at least once a week but we rarely get it because Tyler doesn’t love it as much as me. We have our favorite sushi place, One World Market, but lately they’ve been letting us down. The last two times our order was either missing something or just wrong. So we went to our old favorite place, Bento Cafe. If you are in the Fishers area, they have a great lunch menu with three rolls for only 12 bucks and the rolls are huge! Anyway we ended up getting one of their party trays plus four extra rolls, making it 14 rolls total. I was in Sushi Heaven. We ended up demolishing four rolls, then I had another full roll later, and we ate the rest the next day. I know leftover sushi doesn’t sound great, but it was.


For dinner we had gone to Trader Joe’s and bought a bunch of appetizers/finger foods. We tried their Vegetable Puff Pastries, Pork Dumplings, Chicken Tikka Masala Samosas, and a French Style Flatbread with Gruyere, Ham, and Caramelized Onions. All of it was delicious and we still have some of the vegetable puff pastries in the freezer. We also got their Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches for my birthday dessert. These things are amazing and it is really sad that only four come in a box.

For drinks, we had Welch’s Sparking Grape Juice in both red and white. That’s right folks, I had no alcohol the on New Years Eve. Not a single drop. I really just didn’t feel up to drinking at all with my head cold and still ended up having a great day/night with Tyler. I took a great nap with Opie and Percy, Tyler played his video game, we watched The Office until the ball drop, then we went straight to bed.

New Years Day/My Birthday was another great day for food. We started out with mimosas and ended with a delicious meal. It has become my tradition to make Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon on my birthday. I was gifted her Mastering the Art of French Cooking 2 volume set several years ago and have still only made this one recipe from it. It is time consuming but the end result is always worth it. So on my birthday I spent the whole day in the kitchen, well not the whole day but the whole afternoon. After we had leftover sushi for lunch, I took a quick nap then started cooking at 2. I ended up documenting the whole process on my Instagram Story and plan on doing that more, it was really fun. By 7:30 the stew was done and I was one happy lady. It seriously turned out the best I have ever made it. The meat was tender but not dry and the sauce was just perfect. I made a quick batch of garlic mashed potatoes for the side but it really was perfect on its own. I think next year I will just get a good crusty bread to have with it instead.

Overall we had a great holiday season and I am excited for the new year. I have this feeling that something big is going to happen and I can’t wait. I am really looking forward to the new content I plan on making on my blog, Instagram and Twitter. I’m just really excited for life in general and will take anything it throws my way!



Saying Goodbye to 2017

I wanted to get in one last blog post for the year! New Years Eve is tomorrow and we are getting ready here because it is also my birthday eve! We have some big plans including great food, good drinks, and cuddling on the couch because we aren’t leaving the house. We both seem to have come down with a head cold which really wouldn’t have changed our plans anyway because we have never gone out for New Years Eve. I’ll do a full post filling you in on all the excitement in the new year.

I just wanted to take the chance to reflect on the past year and what I am looking forward to in 2018.

The Good Things:

Tyler and I celebrated being together for four whole years, now going on 5. I am so lucky to have found someone so much like me but also different at the same time so it is never boring. He puts up with me laughing at my own jokes and I put up with him in general. I’m really looking forward to what the new year has in store for us.

We got a new apartment which we both love. It’s bigger and cheaper and did I mention I have my own toilet?

We also went Ikea Crazy and got new furniture. It has been great to have a couch we can all fit on at the same time. I really like how we have been able to express our style in our new place.

I did something new in going to the Indiana Dunes. I hate the beach, sand just gets every where, but I really enjoyed spending the day with Tyler and having a new adventure.

I spent the Holidays with my sisters and in the past year or so we have never been closer. I also hit it out of the ballpark with my turkey this year.

I went blonde, enough said.

Though Opie hurt his neck this year, we still have two healthy and weird dogs. Nothing major happened this year with them and I really liked that. We didn’t have fleas to the point where Percy chewed himself to death and Opie didn’t eat anything he wasn’t supposed to.

I’ve worked at the Indiana Historical Society for almost a year and a half. I love it there. I recently had an interview for another position at a different institution that I didn’t get but it has motivated me to work harder. The museum field can be a bitch but if you really work at it, it can be worth it.

I have put more effort into this blog and have seen results. I am already planning new posts for the new year. Get ready for a wider variety!

The Bad Things or Should I Say Thing:

We unfortunately had to suffer through the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. Each day I think it can’t get any worse but then I look at the news and realize it can. The fact that a completely unqualified, mentally unstable person is leading our country still baffles me. The amount of damage he has done in a year regarding climate change, international politics, supposed tax cuts, and more is astounding. I can only hope that somethings will change soon before he entirely alienates the United States from the rest of world. I could go on and on about this but then I would put myself in a bad mood and that would just be sucky.

I am really looking forward to what 2018 will have in store for us. I am really hoping Tyler and I will have a bunch of new adventures in the new year. Wether it be a trip to a new place, a change of scenery, a new job or whatever gets thrown our way. I am also hoping for a new puppy, but who knows! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and stay safe on New Years Eve!




Being Blonde

Last weekend I did the last touch-up on my blonde hair for the year. At this point, when I see a picture of myself with dark hair it looks weird. I think this might be my last time I bleach it and will be moving on to a new color. I’m thinking about trying Lush’s Henna Dye. They have a color that comes out like a natural red head that looks really cool or maybe I’ll throw some pastels in there temporarily while I still have light enough hair for it. Whatever I do I’ll probably stick with until my roots grow out and then transition back to brown but who knows. All of the process pictures in this blog are from this past weekend.


Being Blonde and Staying Blonde takes a lot of work. Before I even bought anything to bleach my hair, I did a bunch of research. I read blogs, I watched videos, and I looked on professionals websites to make sure this is something I could do. I’ve bleached my hair before but that was really just to lighten it so I could dye it purple. I didn’t do a great job then but it didn’t matter because the purple was dark enough that it didn’t matter. After purple I did green and then went back to brown. Last fall I did a vampire red on top of my brown hair and it came out as this really pretty deep burgundy. But I’ve never done just a normal color before. I did at least two weeks of research before I finally went to Sally’s Beauty Supply to get what I needed.


I still had a couple of bleach kits, Manic Panic Flash Lightening, left over from the bleaching before the purple and I had the proper brushes needed to apply hair color but I still needed toner and developer. Through my research I knew I wanted either Wella  Color Charm T14 or T18 level toner. The blonde I was going for was more whiter blonde but I didn’t want it to be too drastic right away. So I went with T14 for the first round just to see how it turned out, T18 is a little whiter. After the first time, I switched to T18 and haven’t looked back. I was able to rope Tyler into helping me get the back of my head and we got to work applying the bleach. The kit I used was a level 30 developer which is the highest you should really go for developers unless you really want to damage your hair and scalp. We started with my ends first, then went for the roots. Don’t wash your hair before bleaching, I usually do it 12-24 hours before. You want the natural oils to help protect your scalp and hair. I also applied a little bit of coconut oil to my hair as well for extra protection. We had to bleach two times to get it light enough to put the toner on. After applying the bleach and the toner, I put on a shower cap to hold in the heat to help process. I also occasionally flipped on my blow dryer to help things along. It took all day and the results were okay. I think it needed to be toned again after the first time but I didn’t think to buy two.


I quickly realized that you can’t just dye your hair blonde and keep using the same shampoo and conditioner. I needed a purple toning shampoo which I should have figured out in my research but I was too focused on the actual bleaching itself. Purple shampoo is exactly like it sounds, its a shampoo that is deeply purple. Purple neutralizes yellow and helps with brassiness. It would also help to get the blonde I had a little lighter before I had to go into work that following Monday. I ran to store the day after I dyed it and got Clairol Shimmering Lights Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. I don’t recommend getting it unless you really enjoy smelling like a perfume an older lady would wear. I used it once and smell didn’t fade before I shampooed it again three days later. In that time, I of course hopped on the computer and started researching purple shampoo.


There are a lot out there and a lot of them have good reviews, even the Clairol. I wanted to try Lush’s Daddy-O but it’s quite expensive and I wanted to get it as soon as I could so I could ditch the old lady smell. I ended up getting Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo and Dumb Blonde Reconstructor as the conditioner. I’ve really liked it and both of them smell amazing. The shampoo keeps the brassiness at bay and can be used as hair treatment in between bleaches. You just apply it like toner and let it sit for 20-30 minutes and rinse it out. Be careful though because it can end up dying the white a little purple but it usually rinses out, you can see this in my pictures as I am bleaching my roots. As much as I love the shampoo the conditioner has been the real star.  Bleaching and toning damages your hair really bad but this conditioner makes it seem like it never happened.


Within a few weeks my roots started to grow in. I was expecting it to look really bad but I ended up liking it. I let it grow out a little over a half an inch before bleaching it again. This was a different experience because now I was focused more on the roots. When you are bleaching the whole thing, the roots process faster so there isn’t a worry that they won’t lighten. With this I was worried they wouldn’t come out the same as the rest. I put the bleach on, let it process with a shower cap on, rinsed it out, and realized I needed to do it again. I put it on again and decided to just apply it all over to even things out. Then I toned it twice. My roots were still a little darker but it didn’t look awful so I just left it. As my roots started growing out again it became a little bit more noticeable but who cares.

Last weekend I did the process again but learned from the mistakes of last time. I started with the bleach on my roots just like last time and put the shower cap on enough to cover my roots. I went through two or three times to make sure I got everything but I didn’t. I have a horrible cowlick on top of my head and I missed one little part of it. It still lightened but not as much everything else. Luckily I planned for this. I knew I would have to do my roots again because they were orange and I still needed to do the rest of my head as well. So I applied the bleach again (sorry for my weird face) and threw back on my shower cap. It ended up getting the most even bleach this round. After letting it air-dry (no heat, heat means damage), I toned it. It was pretty late and I only toned it once. I also was trying to get done quick because I wanted to meet up with some friends which didn’t work out because I fell asleep, like a loser. The next day I decided to tone it again. Just a note, toner does turn purple or blue as it sits in your hair but it doesn’t dye your hair that color unless you overtone it and then it is more silver/grey. Overall, my hair came out really nice this last time. It is closer to the white/silver blonde that I wanted in the beginning and it isn’t as damaged as I thought it was going to be. I usually trim my hair after this whole process to get rid of the damaged ends but didn’t need to this time.


I really do love my blonde hair. A part of me would like to keep it going for a long time but the amount of work that goes into reminds me that it’s not possible. I’m not sure where I’ll go next with my hair but I am sure it will look just as good!

A Hello Fresh Review!

Just to start off this blog is not sponsored by Hello Fresh. This was something we decided to do without even thinking about writing a review until after we got the box in the mail. And it was actually Tyler’s idea to type up a post about it too.


I have been asking Tyler to try a meal delivery kit for awhile now. I just wanted to know if it was even worth it and what all the hype was about. One of the vloggers I love watching on YouTube is Lindsay DeFranco and her channel TheDefrancoFam. She just recently became a mom of two and gives an extremely honest and open view into what it’s like being a parent. Before having her second son, her and her first born would put out Hello Fresh videos. It always seemed easy to do, even with a little kid running around, and the food always looked good but it was a sponsored series so how true was it? They had a coupon on their videos for 30 bucks off your first order. Knowing how much Tyler loves a good deal I brought it up to him and he went for it.

Usually a box of three meals for two people comes in at 53.93 including shipping. With the coupon we paid 23.93, which really isn’t that bad. But paying full-price is usually a little less than what we pay for 6 meals that usually have leftovers. So right away we knew this was something we were just going to try and then be done with. I also hoped it wouldn’t even be that good so we wouldn’t want to keep doing it. They have a good amount of options to pick from, not to many and not to little, and offered a good variety of cuisines. We decided to try their Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, and Sweet-as-Honey Chicken. The first two were part of their British Invasion menu and we knew they were both something we usually wouldn’t try to make ourselves and the chicken seemed like a safe bet. We put the order in to be delivered on a Friday because the weekends are when we normally go out on meals and waited for them arrive.


The meals come in a specially made box to keep everything cool while shipping. The produce is separated into brown bags by meal and the meat is stored under a reusable ice pack on the bottom of the box. They provide everything you need in the appropriate sizes, include recipe sheets that guide you step-by-step, and include a nutrition sheet. We were really surprised at how nutritious and low calorie the meals ended up being. As we were going through the meals, we quickly realized it might not be enough food for Tyler. He usually eats twice us much as me and there seemed to be only enough for one serving each. Luckily we had a apple crumb pie waiting in the freezer. We put the groceries away and waited for dinner to have out first meal.


We decided to do the Bangers and Mash first and as a dinner. The meal came with little potatoes, a zucchini, three sweet Italian sausages, grape tomatoes, green onion, and chicken demi-glace and thyme for the gravy. Tyler was in charge of the Bangers and I was in charge of the Mash. Honestly, there was not enough potatoes for two good sized servings, I think it was six mini potatoes total. I also messed them up. I followed the directions to a tee though. It said place them in a pot with water and salt, bring to boil, and cook for 12 minutes or until easily pierced with a knife. I did just that but being easily pierced by a knife is a lot different than being easily pierced with a fork or easily mashed. Knifes are sharp and are meant to pierce things easily. After we fixed the potatoes the best we could, we ended up with an extremely amazing meal. The sausages, zucchini and grape tomatoes are broiled together in the oven and came out perfect, the mash was okay, but the star of the show was the gravy. It was savory and perfect on everything.

The following day for lunch we made the Fish and Chips. That’s when I saw that the bag said, Make First, but oh well. I did this one all by myself. It was the longest of the dishes we had to make but it wasn’t too bad since you do all of the prep before you even start cooking. This meal came with two giant tilapia filets, baby potatoes, zucchini, a pickle, lemon, tartar sauce ingredients, and the fish batter ingredients. The potatoes get thrown into the oven first with a little bit of the seasoning for the fish batter. Then you get the fish going. I am not a big fan of frying. I am always terrified of the oil spilling or popping or catching on fire. Luckily this was an extremely shallow fry, I mean barely any oil goes into the pan. The recipe said we should get about six fish fingers total but we ended up with nine giant ones. You simply throw them in the wet batter until coated, let a little drip off, and throw them in the oil for five minutes each side. While that is going the potatoes get flipped and the tartar sauce gets made. I never knew how easy it was to make tartar sauce. It was just a quarter of the pickle diced up, sour cream, mayo, and lemon juice. The mayo came in a really cute tiny jar but it was so hard to get it out, a little squeeze packet would have been better. I was finishing up my second batch of fish when the potatoes were done. They come out and the zucchini goes in until brown. I ended up having to throw the potatoes and fish into the oven to warm them back up because they had to sit while I finished the last batch of fish. This ended up being another amazing meal. The fish was fall apart tender and crispy, the potatoes had great flavor, zucchini is always good, and the tartar sauce was excellent.

Our last meal was the Sweet-as-Honey Chicken. Again, I did this one by myself and it was okay. It was the simplest to put together, just chicken with a honey ginger soy glaze, rice, and green beans. The chicken was pitiful. We had one whole breast and one mangled small breast. The small one ended up a little dry, even though I took it off the heat early. The glaze was really good but didn’t live up to the name. Yes it was sweet but it was more ginger forward than honey. The green beans were delicious and I would have much rather just ate them covered in the sauce than the chicken. I was quite nervous about cooking the rice on the stove top because every time I had before was a disaster. This time turned out really well but it was only a half cup of rice which was barely enough for both of us. This recipe was on the bottom of the list of all the food we made this weekend, even the non-Hello Fresh meals.

Overall, our experience with Hello Fresh was quite positive. I really like that they send the recipe cards so you can still make the food without getting it in a kit. We deactivated our account to stop deliveries but still have access to see their menu and recipes. We are thinking of trying some on our own to see how it turns out. Tyler and I are already adding the Bangers and Mash and the Fish and Chips to our regular meal rotation. The Sweet-as-Honey Chicken will probably never happen again unless we swap the chicken breast with chicken thighs and maybe add another veggie to make more of a stir-fry.

If you’ve been dying to try Hello Fresh, or any meal kit, I would recommend checking it out. They usually have a coupon to get money off your first order or you can dig around on the internet and find your own!

Edit: I wrote this review write after each meal but wanted to add that we have already made the Bangers and Mash again but with ingredients we bought ourselves. It was just as amazing as the first time!