Gardening, Yoga and Other Updates

In my last post, which was quite awhile ago, I talked about how I was doing yoga. My plan was to start a daily yoga practice and at the time of that blog, I was failing. Well since then I have totally been succeeding! I realized that working out in any capacity doesn’t have to be this daunting thing and it’s all about self-care. It’s about showing up for yourself, relaxing, and “Finding What Feels Good!”. Yoga With Adriene is the best starting point if you are thinking about starting a daily yoga practice. There isn’t any pressure to hit the poses just right but doing what feels best for your body. She also just makes you feel better about yourself. Two and a half months in and I have only missed four days of yoga. Three out of those four days I really have no excuse for missing other than putting it off until later and then just forgetting about it until I was already in bed.  One out of the four was because of a head cold that just left me feeling blah and with no energy (though she does have a video for colds!). If you are thinking about starting an at-home daily yoga practice, I recommend starting with her True 30 day challenge from earlier this year and then switching to her monthly calendar after that. True is really dedicated to beginners and helps you begin with the right tools to push forward.

On another note, if anyone has a good yoga mat recommendation for carpeted floors, I would love to hear it! I have a yoga mat now but it doesn’t get along with the carpet so I’ve just been doing it on the carpet. Doing it on the carpet is fine but there have been some close calls with slipping when holding poses.


At the beginning of the summer, I planted a little garden on my patio. I have always wanted a garden. In high school, I took a landscaping class and I have loved the idea of creating my own garden/beautiful backyard ever since. Is it weird that my high school offered a landscaping class? I think it was a one-time thing but it was a really fun class. I had a couple of herbs growing at our old apartment but this year we have an outdoor space so I bumped things up a notch. I planted basil, cilantro, parsley, and thyme. The first three I’ve planted before and I’ve never been lucky with cilantro. It almost always wilts but even though this plant doesn’t look great it’s holding strong. Thyme is the new herb and it has been so easy to take care of and grow.  I recently repotted all of them into new pots, added seeds to the parsley, basil, and cilantro and gave them plant food to help keep them growing strong.

I am most excited about my two tomato plants. I’ve always wanted to grow tomatoes and I did a bunch of research before I picked out these two. Tomatoes need a lot of light and our porch stays pretty shaded but I decided to try it out anyway. The taller plant is a cherry tomato plant and the smaller is a patio tomato plant. The cherry tomato plant is an indeterminate and will produce small tomatoes throughout the season where as the patio tomato plant is a determinate tomato plant that will produce a bunch of medium-sized tomato plants around the same time. I have been extremely surprised at how well these plants are doing. The cherry tomato plant sprang up so fast and has a couple of babies on it already and the patio tomato plant is also producing a few nice looking babies. This week I’ve added a bit of tomato food to them just to help them out a little bit for the rest of the season.

Also an update on my knitting! I finished the Campfire Blanket Scarf I showed in my last post. And then I ripped it apart to start it over again. At the end I realized my knitting was way, way, way too tight. It was to the point were my work, before blocking, was 20 inches shorter than it was actually supposed to be. So I’ve started it over again and so far, so good. I’ve learned to let the needles be my guide rather than pulling it so tight it hurts my hands. I also changed the way I switched my stripes. Before I just carried everything up the side and it didn’t look that great. This time I am doing each stripe individually which means cutting off at the end of one stripe and tying the next color on. I will have a lot of ends to weave in but I already think it looks way better. When I thought I was almost done I ordered yarn for two new projects which have just been waiting for me to use. Both of the projects are from Two of Wands just like the one I’ve been working on. I plan on trying some crochet with her French Market Bag pattern and then back to knitting with her Alsace Tea Towel pattern.


Final update! We took Olivia to her summer home. And then went to pick her back up five days later. The plan was to keep her for the winter, then she would go back for the summer and then, if we could, we would take her back for the winter again. Well June rolls around and she is still with us so we made a plan to take her home while we were in town for my older sister’s engagement party. Slight detour, my sister is getting married! I have the honor of being a bridesmaid and am so excited for her! Okay back to the cat. Tyler and I drove up separately and he brought the cat with him. Then I spent the night in Rensselaer so I wasn’t home until the next day. When I got home it really didn’t hit me that she was gone, until I went to fill up her food bowl and it wasn’t there. That is when the waterworks starting flowing. I pretty much cried myself to sleep, felt a little better when I woke up, until I went out to make my coffee and she wasn’t there to greet me at the end of the couch. Tyler texted me later saying it was a mistake to take her back and we made our plans to go get her. Yes, we know we aren’t allowed to have three animals but we are doing it anyway!

IMG_7695 (1)

As you can tell I’ve redesigned the blog a little bit just to upgrade the look! Enjoy!

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