Happy February!

When January and the New Year started I was really gungho about getting my blog up to the level that I wanted it to be at. I wanted to post at least once a week, have a variety of content, and be more active on social media. I did absolutely none of those things.

Every time I would sit down to write something up, it just felt daunting. The ideas wouldn’t come or if they did they would be half-formed and awkward. I have a few random posts done but I wrote them a long time ago and they just felt out of place. Tyler and I haven’t done anything all that exciting that has warranted a long post either. We are just living our normal lives, what’s fascinating about that?

I think I put too much pressure on myself which is exactly why I don’t believe in having an official New Years Resolution, you usually just let yourself down.

I know what I want to write about and what content I want to post but I’m worried people won’t like it. I am trying to be more creative this year and dabble in different things but I haven’t found the motivation.

So I have decided to just wing it from here on out. I am going to post things that I find interesting, like history and nerd stuff and photographs and just random shit I want to write about. Get ready folks things are getting exciting!


Quick update on how the year has gone so far.

My car died a couple of weeks in and needed a new battery. I never knew a battery could go from working one day to not working the next. It was an easy fix but still took two days. It broke down on an icy day and it took the tow truck forever to get to us due to slide-offs. Then they didn’t have the battery it needed in stock. It was nice to get the extra days home with the boys though. Tyler had a small fender bender too. He ran out to get some Hawaiian rolls for sandwiches I was making for dinner and a dog ran out in front of him. He hit the brakes to avoid the dog but ended up getting rear-ended. There wasn’t any damage to his car but he did have a sore neck the next day. Then just this last week I was either hit with a stomach bug or my stomach issues decided to crank it up by a thousand notches. It lasted for three days and my bathroom floor and I became best friends.

Ok enough of the bad, let’s move on to the good.

Tyler and I have been watching a string of new shows and movies. I finally watched Kill Bill and I really liked it. We’ve also been eating some really great food including Roasted Eggplant with a Tomato Meat Sauce and these amazing BBQ Chicken Quesadillas. I seriously love the website both of those recipes came from and it is usually my go-to for planning our meals. This month we are planning on not eating out, except for the occasional trip to Taco Bell for their fries.


Opie and Percy are perfect. Though I am a little worried about Opie’s eyes and his fatty tumor. His eyes are cloudy and always running which is normal for an older dog but he does seem to have some vision issues. His fatty tumor is located in his armpit and when he gets too active or moves too fast he stops whatever he is doing to lick his entire leg from the armpit down. They will need to get shots in a couple of months so I am going to have the vet do a full exam on him then and talk about removing the tumor, unless things get worse before then. Other than that though, they really are perfect. Percy has been so much more outgoing since we moved. He spends more time with us, he loves to watch the pond, and he has even been cuddling with us at night. Opie has just always been perfect and always will be.


I guess I should also mention Olivia. Olivia is our little kitty house guest for the winter and she has been here since the end of October. She is originally from Tyler’s mom’s house. She was an indoor cat who turned into an outside cat when the house got a little too crazy with three dogs, two of which were just puppies at the time, and she enjoyed being free outside rather than being cooped up inside with all of them. Tyler’s mom did have a plan to keep Liv warm and happy for the winter but we decided to take her in. We aren’t technically supposed to have a third animal but since it’s only for a few months we didn’t see the harm. Unfortunately I have fallen in love with her and now do not want to return her. She is up with me in the morning talking my ear off and is excellent at cuddling. She isn’t a huge Percy fan just because he has too much energy but she puts him in his place really quick. I think at first he thought she was an interactive toy but he’s slowly learning. Opie is another story. She hissed and swatted him on day one and he’s been extremely cautious with her since. He’s more careful and the two are getting closer every day. They tolerate laying in close proximity to one another, they beg for food with each other, Liv likes to try to play with him, especially when he wags his tail in her face, and even tried to clean his ears. It also helps that Opie has been around cats since he was a puppy and knows they aren’t toys.

I ditched my blonde hair a couple of weeks back to go back to brown. I couldn’t remember what my hair looked like and I ended up going a bit too dark but the color has faded nicely since then. I also cut off a couple of inches and added bangs. I’ve really enjoyed learning about dying and cutting hair and it has saved me a lot of money these last few years.

I will write again in a week! I promise!

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