New Year, New Age

Well folks, it is finally a new year and I am officially one year older. Tyler and I spent another lovely year together and are really looking forward to what this year has in store. So how about I get on to telling you the not-so-exciting tale of how we spent the holiday/my birthday!

If you don’t like blowing your nose every five minutes or coughing up a lung then our New Years Party would not have been the place for you. Tyler and I both are on the tail-end of a head cold. I’m not sure if I am feeling better because it is almost over or if it is because I am back at work and not just loafing around the house. Anyway, we had everything planned out for New Years Eve but came up with a back-up plan just in case we were still so sick that we couldn’t taste anything. New Years Eve and New Years Day/My Birthday have always been about food for me. I want to eat whatever I want to eat and make whatever I want to make. So our plan was to buy a ton of sushi on New Years Eve and also do appetizers with a back up plan of getting something less decadent if we didn’t feel good but still eat the appetizers. Luckily, by the time Sunday rolled around we were feeling a bit better and decided to go for the sushi. Sushi is my absolute favorite food. I seriously crave it at least once a week but we rarely get it because Tyler doesn’t love it as much as me. We have our favorite sushi place, One World Market, but lately they’ve been letting us down. The last two times our order was either missing something or just wrong. So we went to our old favorite place, Bento Cafe. If you are in the Fishers area, they have a great lunch menu with three rolls for only 12 bucks and the rolls are huge! Anyway we ended up getting one of their party trays plus four extra rolls, making it 14 rolls total. I was in Sushi Heaven. We ended up demolishing four rolls, then I had another full roll later, and we ate the rest the next day. I know leftover sushi doesn’t sound great, but it was.


For dinner we had gone to Trader Joe’s and bought a bunch of appetizers/finger foods. We tried their Vegetable Puff Pastries, Pork Dumplings, Chicken Tikka Masala Samosas, and a French Style Flatbread with Gruyere, Ham, and Caramelized Onions. All of it was delicious and we still have some of the vegetable puff pastries in the freezer. We also got their Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches for my birthday dessert. These things are amazing and it is really sad that only four come in a box.

For drinks, we had Welch’s Sparking Grape Juice in both red and white. That’s right folks, I had no alcohol the on New Years Eve. Not a single drop. I really just didn’t feel up to drinking at all with my head cold and still ended up having a great day/night with Tyler. I took a great nap with Opie and Percy, Tyler played his video game, we watched The Office until the ball drop, then we went straight to bed.

New Years Day/My Birthday was another great day for food. We started out with mimosas and ended with a delicious meal. It has become my tradition to make Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon on my birthday. I was gifted her Mastering the Art of French Cooking 2 volume set several years ago and have still only made this one recipe from it. It is time consuming but the end result is always worth it. So on my birthday I spent the whole day in the kitchen, well not the whole day but the whole afternoon. After we had leftover sushi for lunch, I took a quick nap then started cooking at 2. I ended up documenting the whole process on my Instagram Story and plan on doing that more, it was really fun. By 7:30 the stew was done and I was one happy lady. It seriously turned out the best I have ever made it. The meat was tender but not dry and the sauce was just perfect. I made a quick batch of garlic mashed potatoes for the side but it really was perfect on its own. I think next year I will just get a good crusty bread to have with it instead.

Overall we had a great holiday season and I am excited for the new year. I have this feeling that something big is going to happen and I can’t wait. I am really looking forward to the new content I plan on making on my blog, Instagram and Twitter. I’m just really excited for life in general and will take anything it throws my way!



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