Turkey Run and Twirling Gone Wrong

This past weekend, Friday since our weekend starts a little earlier, Tyler and I actually left the house! I had suggested going bowling which got Tyler to start suggesting other things we could do as well. He brought up going to Turkey Run State Park, which we’ve done two other times before. The weather has been unseasonably warm and Friday was a really nice day for it. So the original plan was bowling Thursday night and Turkey Run Friday. Well we didn’t end up going bowling because you have to reserve a lane and we didn’t so we just decided not to go. Which worked out because we would be well rested for all of the hiking we would be doing at Turkey Run.


Turkey Run is a really pretty state park. There are woods, and streams, and canyons, and a shit ton of stairs (or at least on the trails we do). The boys love going on the trails, especially Percy. He loves walking through the leaves, tracking squirrels, and jumping on rocks. It is just about the only time he is normal dog, except for when it comes to walking through a stream. It doesn’t matter how small it is, he will hesitate before leaping and gets panicky if he has to get his feet wet. I really enjoyed it this time because the park was empty. We saw the occasional person but for the most part we had the trails to ourselves.

We got their around noon and ate lunch. This was after we finished cleaning up dog throw-up in the backseat. Percy used to get really, really carsick. To a point where he had to stop him from eating a few hours before he got in the car. This was back when we first got him and hasn’t really been an issue for over a year. But he ended up getting carsick this time. I think it was a combination of not being on a long car ride in a while and the roads are pretty curvy on the way there. Luckily, I had invested in a car seat cover back when he was doing it all the time and nothing got on the actual seat fabric. Anyway back to the good part.


So we ate lunch and hit the trails. We learned from our last visit that staying away from the more water-based trails located across the suspension bridge were our best bet. We did trails 6 and 7. 6 leads to Turkey Run Hollow and is mostly inside these really cool canyons. 7 is up a steep flight of stairs and involves a lot of steps and heavy breathing and sweating. But it was worth it see how much the boys loved being in nature.


I got a little worried about Opie half way through when I realized how much jumping and moving he had to do. Since his neck injury we have been keeping his walks nice and light. My worries were unfounded though because he handled the trails like a champ (a slightly overweight champ, but still a champ).


On Saturday, Tyler’s mom, her fiancé, and his sister came down and took us out to lunch. They got to see our new apartment too. We ate at one of our favorite pizza places, Rockstone. We got their amazing bread sticks with dipping sauces and two pizzas, one was a roasted pork pizza with a delicious sweet and spicy barbecue sauce. It was a really nice weekend until Sunday night.

Sunday is my cleaning day. I do the laundry and clean up different areas of the apartment while I go. I was really proud of myself because I actually finished the laundry at an appropriate time. Usually I am rushing around trying to get it done during commercial breaks of The Walking Dead. I was done, watching Netflix, and getting ready to make dinner. I made one of favorite meals, Chicken Enchiladas, and that’s when it happened. I tried to be cute and do a one footed twirl to say something to Tyler, I don’t even remember what, when I nailed my left foot on the corner of the dishwasher. The pain was awful but Tyler said Chris Pratt was on the t.v. and I wanted to see him so I ignored it and ran in the living room. When I went back into kitchen and stepped on the outside of my foot it was like I stepped on a knife. For the rest of the night every step hurt but was manageable. I figured by morning it wouldn’t be a problem but boy was I wrong.

Monday came and I tried to get of bed and couldn’t put any weight on my foot. I e-mailed into work to let them know I wasn’t coming in and waited for Tyler to wake up to go to the doctor. It was nice to lay around on a Monday, other than the awful pain in my foot. Tyler took me to get an x-ray and luckily I didn’t break it but I did bruise it pretty badly. A bone bruise is almost as bad as a break but nothing is broken. They didn’t confirm that’s what I had but that is what it seems like I have. They hooked me up with a boot, some light painkillers, and sent me on my way to get crutches. I hate using the crutches. It is awkward and it kills my armpits. I’ve had them two days and have pretty much given up on them.

Today hasn’t been as bad as the last two. This morning I was able to put a little weight on it but didn’t push it. Hopefully by the end of the week I can get back to twirling but without injury!




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