An Update and Prepping for Thanksgiving

There was no blog last week but I had a really good reason, Tyler and I were both sick. In fact, I am still sick and almost didn’t do a blog this week either. I was feeling much better until yesterday when I woke up feeling much worse. So this blog will be a short and sweet update.

Since the last blog, Tyler and I went to a late Halloween Party on November 4th. It has become a yearly tradition to go to “Rumpleween” and it is always a great time! I drink way to much, play games, dance, and get to see my old work friends. The next day is not fun. I woke up feeling like death. My solution to feeling like death, Tylenol, water, and a surprisingly comfortable bed on a cool bathroom floor. It worked and I when I woke back up I was able to crank out two amazing football Sunday meals and get the laundry done. Go me!

The week after that was sick week. It started with a sore throat on Monday, missing work on Tuesday, and just feeling like junk the rest of the week. But, I was determined to feel better by Saturday. Saturday was my family’s early Early Thanksgiving at my grandparents house. I had already RSVP’d for Tyler and myself and promised to bring the green bean casserole. We also didn’t have Early Thanksgiving last year so it was even more important to go this year. Friday night, I loaded up on Nyquil and hoped in the morning I would be 100% better. Saturday morning rolled around, and I was maybe 55% better but decided to soldier on. I had woken up late, thanks Nyquil, and was in a panic trying to get my green bean casserole prepared. I am, of course, an over ambitious home cook and wanted to make my green bean casserole from scratch. I spent an hour snapping green beans and chopping mushrooms only to get to my sauce and find the heavy cream I had just bought the day before was spoiled. I was defeated. I felt like crap, my cold medicine wasn’t doing it’s job, my green bean casserole was not working out, and I was no were near ready to go. So, I decided to throw in the towel. I called my grandparents and told them we wouldn’t be coming. Tyler had decided the day before he probably shouldn’t go because he was way sicker than me but I thought I was fine. I didn’t think I sounded as bad as him but my grandma told me, rather politely, that I sounded terrible over the phone. We still needed something for lunch though so Tyler ran to the store to get fresh heavy cream so I could finish the green bean casserole and he also got a box of stuffing so we could at least feel like it was Early Thanksgiving. It’s a shame my family didn’t get to try it because it was really good!

This last week was a blur of cold medicine, work, video games, and life. I started playing Last of Us all by myself. I have watched Tyler play through it twice but I have never played it. It is probably our favorite video game. I’m not very good at it though. Aiming is hard, it is really scary at times, and I just get anxious. On the plus side, I’ve only died a few times because I honestly just get so anxious that instead of shooting the bad guys and infected, I just do a flurry of hitting and stabbing to kill them. They can’t shoot/bite you if they are too busy getting punched to death.

This coming week is Thanksgiving week! We are doing another Thanksgiving at my sister Emily’s house and once again I am charged with the Turkey. Last year, my turkey was amazing but I, of course, forgot to take a picture of it. This year I will not forget! I am also going to try to do it even better this year. My skin could have been a little darker and crispier so that is the goal. I am also charged with making a pumpkin pie from scratch, like with an actual sugar pumpkin. I’ve never done it before but I’m really excited to try! I will most likely buy a back-up just in case though. I’m also doing a from scratch crust. I had to switch my hours around at work to get them all in before the holiday so unfortunately that means I have to work tomorrow. On the plus side, I will be out and about tomorrow and can get all my grocery shopping done. Here is a link to last year’s Thanksgiving Blog!

Speaking of work, today is the first official day of the Festival of Trees at the Indiana Historical Society. When I was an intern back in 2014, it was just a tree here and there, now there are trees everywhere. Each tree is sponsored by a local business or group and all are just beautifully decorated. The feature this year is a 30-foot tree in the main hall that you can walk into. If you follow me on Snapchat, I am going to walk around tomorrow and take a few pictures to post on my story. It is really a great Christmas experience and if you are in the area I recommend checking it out along with our exhibits to learn a little bit more about the state of Indiana.

Alright, my cold medicine is wearing off and I’m also hungry so this is the end of the blog. I didn’t have any pictures for this blog so here is the last few I took on my phone.


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