An Obsession With Plants

I usually ask Tyler if we can get a new pet daily. It’s usually a kitten or a puppy, sometimes a rat or a sugar glider, and I even tried to compromise and asked for fish. All of them were met with a no, except for the fish which got a maybe. Technically we are only allowed to have two animals so I knew it was a long shot anyway, but it didn’t stop me from pestering him. I just like having little animal babies to take care of and cuddle with. Somehow this all led to us getting plants, it doesn’t quite make sense but in a way it does. It was one of those days where I was asking continuously for a pet when Tyler said how about we just get some plants instead and that is exactly what we did.


It all started with four plants several years ago, maybe three, I can’t quite remember. We each picked out two, one big and one small. I have never had or cared for a plant so it was a learning experience. The two little plants struggled from the beginning. We think it was a factor of light and watering since they were both more tropical plants than the other two. They both died within weeks of each other. The two big ones did really well. My plant had large oval leaves with a deep purple on the bottom, I believe it was a Calathea. It lasted a year before it died. We didn’t change anything about how it was watered or how much light it received, one day it’s leaves started to turn brown and no new sprouts were popping up. Tyler’s big plant, a Pothos, is still going strong (pictured above). It did stop growing new leaves around the same time as mine died but after repotting it and giving it some TLC it started vining out. As you can see in the picture its got some great vines and has a bunch of new leaves still sprouting out all over.

Ever since those four, our life has become a blur of plants. It is a serious obsession. We have succulents, snake plants, herbs, a giant palm, and more! I think the easiest way to go through all of the plants is room by room. We will start with the living room since it by far has the most plants! The pictures are in the order I will go in explaining them. There is our original plant baby and a more tropical plant we picked up at ALDI of all places, a Dwarf Umbrella Tree. When we got the ALDI plant, I really didn’t think it would last long. It had a weird powder all over the leaves and no baby leaves at all. It also didn’t help that we already had a bad history of tropical plants dying on us. It has really surprised us with how well it has held up and even sprouted a few new leaves over the summer. We have four succulents in the living room. The biggest one, a Jade Plant, is our second oldest plant. We got it with another succulent that didn’t last long. The two in the orange and green pots are two of our newer additions and the dark blue potted one is a little bit older. The light green Pothos is our third oldest plant and one we have struggled with a bit. It wasn’t dying but it also wasn’t growing for the longest time. It’s only been in the last year that it has started to vine out and, like the older Pothos, it has a few new sprouts coming out as well. Finally, we have our two largest plants which we got at the same time at Kroger, the snake plant and the palm. When we got the palm we were still in our old apartment and it took up so much room. I thought it would die for sure since again it is a tropical plant but it has been doing amazing! It has one new sprout about to unfold and is working on two more. This snake plant is what led to Tyler’s obsession with snake plants as you will see.

The den has the next abundance of plants. On the desk by the window are our remaining herbs and a new succulent we got from Tyler’s mom just this week. These are from our second batch of herbs, the first time we tried it they all died very quickly. In this batch we had cilantro, parsley and basil. The cilantro lasted awhile but at one point it started bolting and had to be thrown away, now we just have parsley and basil, both of which are constant problems. The parsley is the better of the two, no matter how much we cut off it has always grown back quite well. The basil is a pain in the ass. It started dying just before we moved so I snipped off the good bits, put them in water to grow roots, then repotted them. They have been doing fine until I went to water them today. They haven’t been absorbing as much water as they should so the soil was too wet and the bottoms started to die. I pulled off all the dead leaves and repotted it again today before I sat down to type this. Some of the roots had died on the transplants which accounts for why they weren’t absorbing water. If it happens again, I’m just going to be done with it. We also have our second snake plant, again from Tyler’s mom, and a Chinese Evergreen Plant.


We have one small plant in the kitchen/dining room but we could use more. This is another plant that isn’t dying but doesn’t seem to want to grow. It is also another plant from Tyler’s mom, see a pattern here? We actually got Tyler’s mom hooked on plants too. We gave her a Chinese Evergreen Plant as a gift and it spiraled from there. It really does just take one plant to start the plant obsession.

Finally the bedroom, the newest room to get some plants. In our old apartment, we had giant windows which led to a very bright bedroom. We always had the window covered so it wasn’t really a good spot for plants. Now we have a smaller window that doesn’t need to be covered and is bright enough for plants but not bright enough to be annoying while we sleep. The bedroom has two snake plants and two succulents, all from Tyler’s mom and all are fairly new to our plant family.

There are a few more places I still have plans for that need plants. I would like a lemon button fern for my bedside table. They are such cute little ferns and don’t need too much light which would be perfect for where my table is at. I also want two low-light plants for both of the bathrooms and maybe a floor plant for the shower room. There really isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about getting another plant or find a good spot for a plant to go in our apartment. We have lost some plants along the way and it can be sad to see them die, especially when you really put the effort in to keep them going. We have learned a lot over the years and won’t stop getting plants anytime soon. It has really become a beautiful obsession.

I just want to give a shout out to Tyler’s mom! Thank you Sandy for giving us so many plants and helping to fuel our obsession!


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