The Big Move, an Ikea Adventure, and an Injured Opie.

We signed the lease for our new apartment last Monday and started moving things over on Wednesday (we didn’t get the keys until then). I worked extra hours the week before to make up for all of the hours I would miss moving and left early on Wednesday to help Tyler. By the time I got off, which was only noon, Tyler had already moved a bunch of stuff and didn’t even really need my help. We had already packed a bunch of smaller things and he moved them over while I was at work. I unpacked a few things at the new apartment then we went back to the old apartment to pack even more. It is crazy how much stuff we were able to fit in that little apartment! Thursday was the day we rented a U-Haul to move all of the big stuff and to make the trip to the new Ikea. On Thursday we woke up ready to move and of course ran into a huge roadblock.

We had planned to move a few more little things and then go pick up the U-Haul, possibly get donuts, and make the pilgrimage to Ikea. The first snafu came when Tyler thought our reservation was at 9 when it was really at 8. So we didn’t get to move little things first and rushed over to U-Haul to get the van. Tyler goes in and I wait outside in the car just in case there was a problem and we were lucky I did because there was a huge problem. U-Haul was experiencing a nationwide service outage. Their system was completely down including their website. We were told it would be up at 8:45 so we waited at U-Haul for 45 minutes only to be told it would be up at 9. We decided to go back to the apartment to pack more and move a couple of small loads over. We consistently checked the website and their Twitter for updates but everything was still down. At 11:30 we decided to go back to see if they could do an offline checkout process, we couldn’t even call them because their phones were down. By noon we had the U-Haul and were on our way to Ikea, but I never did get those donuts….

The new Ikea had opened on Wednesday and we had the crazy idea to go on Thursday. I mean we had the U-Haul so we might as well get some use out of it. We also needed new living room furniture. When I moved into our old apartment I went to Goodwill for my couch and love seat. They were already showing wear then and the last four years of daily use plus Percy’s teething had taken their toll. Tyler had the brilliant idea of taking the couches apart to fit them in the trash compactor rather then having them hauled away. They weren’t worth donating as Percy had chewed up the bottoms and a hole in the seat of one while the other was missing an entire back cushion. After we signed the lease on Monday, he want to work sawing them apart and hauling them to the trash. So until we moved we were just hanging out in our dining room chairs. My anxiety was through the roof just with the move in general but the thought of dealing with the crowds at Ikea just made it that much worse.

If you’ve ever been to an Ikea, it is already overwhelming with how much there is to see and that on top of it only being opened the day before was a recipe for crazy. We get to Ikea and are directed through the parking lot by cops and other traffic directors but I quickly found that my worries were unfounded. Yes it was crazy, but I think the fact that we didn’t end up making it there until noon was a good thing. The morning rush had clearly just ended, we got a close parking space, and the crowd had thinned out. The showroom sections were way worse than the actual product sections. Everyone wanted to get into rooms and see furniture, a lot of people were just browsing and not actually shopping, and a lot of people didn’t really know how Ikea worked. For example, Ikea sets up sample rooms and product areas in the beginning i.e. the showroom, and you have to walk through all of that to get to the marketplace where all of the knick-knacks are actually kept in bulk and to the warehouse where you pull furniture pieces. People were tending to just grab things they liked from the sample rooms, which usually aren’t marked for sale, and walking off with them. We were able to get through most of the main sections quickly thanks to our trip to the Cincinnati Ikea a couple of months ago. We knew what we wanted, we had a list, and we prioritized the main things we needed. We ended up getting a new couch, an armchair, a side table, a lamp, a small trash can, and a couple of little things like silverware holders and new kitchen utensils. Tyler is planning to go back today to get even more stuff, I think we’ve gone Ikea crazy.

After the U-Haul problem was fixed and the trip to Ikea completed, moving the big stuff went really quick. We were able to make it only two loads but most of the stuff made it in the first load. We spent the rest of the night unpacking important things and Tyler got to work putting together the new couch, which he messed up and we didn’t realize it until the armrests weren’t fitting on right. I honestly don’t think it would be a normal Ikea adventure though if something wasn’t put together wrong at least once in the process. Friday we went grocery shopping, moved a few more small things, put the living room together, and just relaxed.

We made our first meal in the new apartment which was this great Bacon Asparagus Pasta. It is one of our go to meals and is always delicious. I deviate a little of course, like I usually do. I add half of a sliced white onion at the same time as the asparagus. After I remove that I add a minced clove of garlic until fragrant, about 30 seconds, then add the wine (usually one cup total). I also add a tiny bit of salt and a good amount of pepper at the same time as the Parmesan. Be careful with the salt though because bacon and Parmesan already have a good amount.


Saturday was the last full day we had the old apartment so we went back early to finish loading up the random things still left and clean. Percy sheds a lot, like clumps of fur. Thankfully, his breed (Shiba Inu) usually only sheds twice a year, with very low shedding in between. Technically its called molting/blowing because it is mostly the undercoat coming out. So you can imagine there were areas we couldn’t reach normally that needed TLC after we moved everything out. Tyler did all of that work while I scrubbed down the kitchen and the bathroom. By 1 we were done, packed up, and had the keys turned in. It was kind of sad leaving that apartment behind and all of the memories we made there but we are ready for our new adventure.

Opie and Percy are adjusting surprisingly well. I was a little worried about moving them both to a new place, especially Percy. He is afraid of everything and a new place would seem absolutely terrifying to him. He has been a bit more jumpy, a lot more cuddly, and does not like it when the folks upstairs move to loudly. Other than that he loves the view and explored the whole apartment right away. Opie is just Opie. The week before we moved we had to take him to the vet because he couldn’t bend his head down without yelping or crying. It turns out the little turd slipped a disc in his neck. We got some medicine, elevated all of the food and water bowls, and he was put on strict confinement for a week. The day we moved we took him off the meds to see if he was fine, per the vets instructions, and I was so worried all of the excitement would cause him to slip it again. So far he seems better. We kept him in the kennel for a few days after we stopped the meds just to be careful but I think he will be alright. The thing with this type of injury is that it can, and most likely will, happen again. I always thought mutts were supposed to have less problems than purebred dogs but Opie must be an exception.

We have been slowly unpacking, arranging and rearranging furniture, and getting use to living in a new environment. It’s pretty easy to get use to with this amazing view…….



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