Tyler and Football and Food and Other Things

As many of you know, probably all of you since our president is throwing a tantrum over it, football season is in full swing! I never used to watch football, knew any players names other than quarterbacks, or really even cared about the sport until I started dating Tyler. He usually goes all out, fantasy leagues, multiple games on multiple screens, etc. I really hated it at first. I mean I really despised his love of the sport at the beginning of our relationship. It was mostly because on Sunday, Tyler would ignore me and use all of our internet in order to watch his beloved sport. I couldn’t even watch Netflix! Then I started cooking and Sunday became a cooler day for me. I usually make lunch and dinner and try to do special football food, like wings, beer battered onion rings, nachos, chili cheese fries, and more! Then we upgraded our internet and everything was perfect. I work my butt off in the kitchen and get to binge-watch my favorite shows at the same time! I’ve also started to watch football and enjoy it! Not for the actual sport itself but to see all the weird, goofy, awkward moments that happen with the crowd, the coaches, the players, and, of course, the announcers.

We bought a giant bag of chicken wings at the beginning of the season and just finished them this last weekend. I make really good buffalo wings but this weekend we mixed things up and I made Sticky Asian Chicken Wings. They were amazing. Spicy, sweet, savory, and overall delicious! I didn’t follow the recipe exactly though. She baked her wings in the sauce which makes a great sticky sauce but doesn’t give you the crispy wings that we love. So I baked the wings separately after coating them in a light layer of flour with salt and pepper. While the wings were cooking, I reduced the sauce on the stove and then tossed the wings in the sauce before serving.  For lunch I made Pastalaya, a pasta version of Jambalaya. It was an instant hit with both of us and an easy one pot meal.

Both of these recipes are from Budget Bytes, an amazing food blog I found a long time ago. We have tried at least 20 of her recipes so far and they have all been perfect. I love this website because it isn’t bland, boring recipes but a wide variety of recipes from around the globe that do not break the bank. I highly recommend checking it out for cheap but delicious meals!

In much bigger news, our move is approaching fast, and by fast I mean we sign the lease on Monday! Originally we weren’t signing until Wednesday, October 11th, but the complex called and said we could come in early to sign. I’m not sure if we will get the keys on Monday though since the power in the new apartment doesn’t go into our name until the 11th. It doesn’t matter though because I still have to work Tuesday and Wednesday so we didn’t plan on moving anything big until Thursday. We’ve started doing little things around the apartment already to get make things easier when we start officially packing up. We’ve both gone through the closet to get rid of old clothes, we’ve started cleaning little things here and there, and Tyler is working on organizing things while I’m at work. I’m pretty excited to move, though not for the actual packing or moving or unpacking, but just the part where we get a new apartment that is bigger. Did I mention already that there are two toilets (I know I have but I’m really stoked about it!)? I’m also really excited for the new Ikea! It opens the 11th and we are going on the 12th. We are either really smart or really dumb to attempt to go to a brand new Ikea the second day it opens. But the pay off will be new living room furniture and other little things to help our new place feel like home!


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