Updates Galore!

The biggest update is the update to my blog! I had a little extra money this month and decided to upgrade my blog account from free to premium. This means I get my own domain name, can customize my site, and I can start making money on ads. So even if you don’t like my blog, still click on it so I can make that extra two cents here and there! I know I have been slacking on the posts lately, I promise to be better! If there is something you want to see more of or something specific you want me to write about (like food, history, the boys, etc.) let me know! I am extremely open to feedback and want to know what you want to read!

The second biggest update is the new project I got at work a couple of weeks back. When I was an intern, back in 2014 (I think), my main project was a donation inventory. Inventories are important not only to our institution but also to the donor. Sometimes IMG_0733they don’t realize what might be stuffed into the boxes they give us and creating an inventory gives them the chance to decide if they for sure want everything to go to us. It also helps us decide if we want/if we can take the donation and assists in processing the collection once the donation goes through. The inventory I did originally was huge, at least 50 boxes, this one is much smaller, only 8. I was extremely flattered that they asked me to do the job to begin with and didn’t just pass it off to an intern. It has taken over my work space, as you can see, but it has been a great change of pace! I am still working on cataloging and the digital collection which lets me break things up when I get bogged down with just one project.

Finally the last update is just on Tyler, myself and the boys. Tyler’s birthday was a few weeks back. For 4 months we are the same age, then I get to the be the older woman again. Technically we started celebrating his birthday the Friday before with a trip to the Indiana Dunes for a beach day. I hadn’t been to the dunes since a middle school field trip and honestly wasn’t that excited for it. Ok, honestly I didn’t want to go at all. My dream life would involve never having to leave my house for more than a couple of hours at a time. But, I sucked it up and made the almost three hour drive up there. The entire time, I wanted to turn around and go home. I wanted my couch and my puppies and my Netflix. Tyler just kept saying, “You’ll love it when we get there.” I told him I would love it if he would stop talking. Welp, it turns out he was right! I really did love it once we were there. We borrowed chairs and umbrellas from Tyler’s mom and set up a nice little spot on the quieter side of the beach. The umbrellas made it perfect, mostly because they provided shade but also because I am allergic to the sun (just another reason why I should never leave my house!). If I am in the sun for too long my joints break out in small and very painful hives.

On his actual birthday, I treated him to an amazing meal at Late Harvest Kitchen, a meal I still dream about today. We started with drinks. I got a basil and lime cocktail that was way too good and Tyler got a whiskey. We moved to appetizers, General Tso’s Pork Belly with Seasonal Veggies, Grilled Octopus with a Mediterranean Sauce, and Fried Deviled Eggs. I have had octopus in the past, but this octopus will be the octopus dish I will compare all octopus dishes from here on out! It was buttery and tender and just perfect. For our main courses, he got Steak with a Blue Cheese Fondue Sauce and Smashed Potatoes and I got Thai Green Coconut Curry. My curry was way too good, filled with noddles, mussels, clams, and shrimp. It was spicy, something that I didn’t like until I met Tyler, but not too spicy. I seriously couldn’t stop eating it. Finally, we ended with their signature Sticky Toffee Pudding. It was a perfect birthday dinner for my perfect boyfriend.



The boys are just the boys. Tyler had been taking Opie on a special extra walk, called a chunky walk. Opie is very chunky and we thought an extra walk every other day would help with take off a couple extra pounds. I’ve also changed the way I feed the boys so they are on more of schedule rather than just having food out all the time. We thought it was working but lately Opie looks even more chunky. I’m not sure if it is because we are expecting a change and not seeing it that it making it look worse than it is or if he really is as hefty as he looks. I am thinking about starting the boys on a training schedule too. I hoping it helps with Opie’s weight and also with their strangeness. They both have their quirks, Opie isn’t a fan of other dogs on our walks and Percy is just terrified of the world outside our apartment. I want to try to make them both more confident when we are out on walks. If anyone has any tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

We are just a little over a month away from moving to our new apartment and I am way too excited. Tyler has already started going through his stuff to get rid of things we don’t need anymore. This is something I am terrible at, especially when it comes to clothes. For example, I have gone through my clothes twice this last year and “gotten rid” of things. I say I’ve “gotten rid” them because while they might not be hanging in the closet or in the dresser anymore doesn’t mean they have actually gone anywhere. I have one bag full of clothes in my trunk and a hamper full of clothes in the closet. It’s a real problem, I mean what if I need that top that I bought forever ago and never actually wore? We are also getting rid of our old couches that Percy treated as giant chew toys when he was a puppy. Lucky for us, the new Ikea in Fishers opens the exact same week we move and we are going to brave the crowds in an attempt to get a new couch and chair. Wish us luck!

Oh and finally, I’m blonde now…..


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