Coming October 2017 – New Apartment!

I believe when I first started this blog Tyler and I were thinking about moving when are lease was up but decided to stick it out. Our complex was sold without residents being told, we were given 48 hours notice of major renovations that we and the dogs had to be out of the apartment for so we got a hotel, our rent went up almost 200 bucks for said renovations which were so poorly done that it wasn’t worth it, and so on and so forth.


New Apartment Layout

We were able to work with the complex before re-signing because while we hate the complex we love our apartment. But it is that time of year again and this time we really are moving because yet again they have hiked up the rent and we are just over dealing with complex as a whole. I mean they have a high turnover rate in the office, they fired the nice maintenance guy and now they have new guys who suck at responding to requests, and the new trash compactor is constantly over-flowing because they never told us how to use it. They recently sent out instructions but the door gets stuck, people (like me) aren’t strong enough to lift a full trash bag to eye-level to get it in there, and overall it just doesn’t work. I still love our apartment though so it has been tough. I like our big (but drafty) windows that Percy uses to check on his neighborhood, we like being on the top floor, everything has a place right now and its just comfortable. But it’s time to move somewhere else, and by somewhere else I mean only five minutes away.


Our new apartment will not only be cheaper but it will also be cheaper! We are getting an extra room, an extra toilet, and a large screened in patio. The extra room can be an extra bedroom but it has pocket doors that lead into the living room so it is labeled as a den. I think I am most excited about having two toilets! One for me and the other one for Tyler but also for me! The screened in patio has an amazing lake/pond view where ducks IMG_0649and geese hang out, we think Percy will love that. The apartment isn’t perfect though and there are a few things I am worried about. We will have a smaller kitchen that doesn’t look into the living room which means it will be much harder to bother Tyler while he is cooking. The apartment is also on the bottom floor which gives me anxiety. I hate hearing noise from neighbors and am hoping our upstairs neighbor is really light-footed. I am also worried about feeling closed in by being on the bottom floor. I’m sure my anxiety will be unfounded once we move in but I still can’t stop those thoughts from flooding in. On the plus side we are getting a new bed, new dining room chairs and new living room furniture. Big purchases like these make me feel like a real adult.

img_0678.jpgIn other news, things have been pretty much the same as always. Tyler and I finally finished Buffy and I convinced him to start Firefly. Opie and I went to a sister’s cookout at my younger sister’s house in Rensselaer a couple of weeks ago. It was a great time filled with excellent food and fun conversations. This coming weekend is going to be pretty busy for me. Tyler and I are going to drive to Cincinnati to check out Ikea. There is a new one being built just down the road from us but it won’t be open for a few more months. We want to check out furniture for the new place and decided to make a day out of it. Then I have a boat party to go to in Bloomington to celebrate a friends birthday and I get to see a bunch of people I haven’t gotten to see in a long time. I know it is only two things but for someone who prefers to do nothing all weekend long, it is action packed!


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