Yoga, Frappuccinos, and Dog Beds

I wanted my blog to be a weekly thing, but last week I could not think of anything to write about at all! I mean I could tell you what we ate again or what we were up to but it just seemed boring to me. So I didn’t write anything. I don’t want this blog to be a forced thing that I felt obligated to do. I took last week off and inspiration struck over the weekend! Get ready for a big mash-up of topics that sort of relate but not really!

Ever since I started working at the Indiana Historical Society, I’ve been pretty serious about working out. I have always been really slender but in the last couple of years I’ve notice a good amount of weight gain where there wasn’t before (tummy and thighs, boobs too but I’m not complaining there!). I am by no means saying I’m fat but I haven’t felt like myself. While working at Children’s Resource Group, my job mostly consisted of sitting for long hours and there was always food readily available. I would eat and snack even if I wasn’t hungry. It was a real problem. So when I switched gears and got my IMG_0652current position I started walking more. I would ride with Tyler to his work, walk two blocks to get to my work, then walk on the canal during my lunch break, and then another two blocks back to car. Soon it got too hot to walk on the canal at lunch so I started walking on the treadmill at work. How cool is it my job offers an on-site gym? While I did lose a few pounds, I wanted to do more to hopefully get better muscle tone. I added ab and leg work-outs to my morning routine and I’ve noticed it gives me more energy to get my day started. I started out with short workouts and have slowly worked up to more reps. That used to be a routine Monday-Thursday with rest days Friday-Saturday. However, I started noticing it was harder to get back into my routine on Monday after not working out all weekend so I wanted to add something relaxing to the other days. I had previously tried yoga and while I enjoyed it I never really gave it a good go, so I decided to try again. I went through a couple of different routines before finding a 20 minute full body routine that I love. I set up my mat in my office, make a frappuccino, watch Food Network and yoga hard. By the end I feel great! And if you say you don’t like Corpse Pose you are lying. Not only do you get to just lay there you get to feel all of your muscles relax and let your mind go. I think all workouts should end with just laying on the ground. Working out has always seemed so daunting and was a horrible experience before but now I actually enjoy it (though I still complain while doing it).



I usually only drink coffee on the weekends, unless its this week where I have had coffee the last two day, but normally it is just a weekend thing while I do yoga (pictured above). If you know me, you know I hate/despise/am disgusted by warm drinks. I don’t know why but I just feel like warm liquids should only be food related. So when I drink coffee it has to be cold. While I love Starbucks, I can’t afford to get a Venti Caramel Frappuccino with a shot of espresso and no whip cream everyday so I found a way to make them at home and it is super easy. Tyler and I grind our own beans. Honestly it is a pain in the ass but does make a better cup of joe. If you have the chance to go to Fresh Market, try their wholesale beans. They have regular beans but they also have flavored beans like chocolate cherry or creme brulee, our favorite is Caramel Butterscotch. So after I grind the beans and use our Aero-Press (a hand pressed coffee maker, again a pain in the ass), I have an espresso shot of coffee. I add it to a blender with a half cup or so of Caramel-Vanilla creamer, about a half-tablespoon of caramel syrup, and ice. I blend that all together, pour it out into a glass with a straw, add a little decorative caramel syrup topping and I am all set!

Finally, I did a little DIY dog bed for the boys in my office that Opie seems to love and thought I would share it. We used to have an extra dog bed that was Opie’s when he was an only child but became Percy’s. Well, Percy had a pretty bad rip-apart problem when we first got him. I say rip-apart problem because it wasn’t a simple chewing problem, he needed to completely destroy his target. I lost two pairs of black dress shoes, Tyler lost several whole magazines, and our couches took a good beating. The bed was another one of Percy’s victims. To make up for the loss, I just laid down a blanket for him in his spot (can be seen in yoga picture above). IMG_0656Since putting my office space out there, Opie has been laying around my feet or on the blanket, now that I think about it that was his favorite blanket before we got Percy too. Poor guy had to give up a lot of his stuff. I’ve actually had the blanket longer than I’ve had Opie. A friend made it for me in high school and I’ve had it ever since. Anyway, it wasn’t too big of a deal for Percy to lay on the blanket because he wasn’t out there for very long but Opie and I can be out there for hours. I wanted to make sure the love of my life was as comfortable as possible so I made him a bed! I took two old bed pillows we don’t use anymore, wrapped them in a old comforter and placed the blanket on top of it. Now Opie has a soft comfortable bed to lay on while also being as close to me as possible.

So all of these things relate because I do yoga in my office, which is where the new dog bed is, and I usually drink my frappuccino while I’m doing yoga. Is that too much of a stretch or does it all work out? Oh well…..


Bonus Picture of Opie on the bed, was not staged in the slightest, totally natural…..

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