I Forgot

I forgot to post about our anniversary weekend and I also forgot to take a lot of pictures of the food. I’m just a forgetful person.

Our anniversary weekend started out with on Thursday night with Joella’s Hot Chicken. We both had never experienced hot chicken and have been wanting to try it since we first saw the signs go up. At first the meal was amazing! I got a quarter dark in their medium heat with green beans and Parmesan garlic fries and Tyler got a quarter light same sauce with potato salad and mac and cheese. The chicken was spicy but not too spicy with a good amount of sweet and savory. The green beans were my favorite but the meal was ruined by the fries. The first few were great but as I made my way deeper in the more saturated in oil and grease and tasted nasty. I would go back but I won’t ever get the fries again. This was the beginning of me forgetting to take pictures.

Friday began with me returning clothes to the mall and a delicious sushi lunch at One World Market. Its a cafe inside an Asian grocery store and has some of the best food. It’s also a good stop if you need any strange Asian ingredients you can’t find somewhere else. Then we began our shopping to get everything we needed for our food extravaganza. We went to Costco, Aldi, Fresh Market and Kroger before heading back home. We spent the rest of the day watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For dinner, we bought a rotisserie chicken from Costco, which I highly recommend, and had stuffing and fries on the side. Again I forgot to take a picture of both of these meals.


Saturday was more relaxed because we didn’t have anything to do. It was lovely! We both played Overwatch, we watched Buffy, and just enjoyed each others company. For lunch we had BLTs, which I did remember to take a picture of, and made from scratch coleslaw. I hadn’t had a BLT is forever and it was so good. For dinner I made Beef Stroganoff. I use Paula Deen’s recipe and it comes out perfect every time. But you will never see what mine looked like because, you guessed it, I forgot to take a picture.


Sunday was the actual day of our anniversary. I woke up with Japandroids stuck in my head, which was weird because I hadn’t actually listened to any of their music beforehand. Again we had a simple relaxed day of Buffy watching, Overwatch, and food. We did re-watch Everybody Wants Some. It’s by the same director as Dazed and Confused and its really good. For food we started out with a new recipe, Croque Monsieurs, pictured left. It was Tyler’s first time making them but they were amazing. For dinner, I did an ol’stand out favorite, Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourginon. I did take a picture of it but that was on Snapchat and now it is gone.

Monday was Memorial Day so I didn’t have to work and got to spend another full day with the love of my life, Opie. Tyler and Percy were there too.

Again, same old stuff (Buffy, Overwatch, etc) but we also watch8C4AFF72-DF4F-4B02-B200-EEAD3B52C6FFed Children of Men. This was one of the first movies we watched together on his little twin bed all those years ago. So we watched it again began it has meaning to our relationship but also because it is a really good movie. Tyler made Chilaquiles for breakfast/lunch which I took a picture of! It doesn’t look that great but it tasted good! For dinner Tyler made a Tomatillo Stew with Chicken Thighs. You eat it with rice and tortillas, it is probably one of my favorite foods that Tyler makes but, yet again, I forgot to get a picture.

I  know it doesn’t seem like the weekend was all that action-packed but that is how I like things. I like to be at home with my dogs and Tyler doing nothing. It is my dream life! This weekend will be a change of pace. Since I didn’t work Monday I had to make up hours and work today/Friday. It is only a half day but it kills the three-day weekend joy I usually have. A three-day weekend would have also been nice so I could build up more energy for tomorrow. What’s happening tomorrow? Tyler, the boys and I are heading up to Rensselaer to watch my nephew Kendal. Kendal is a burst of energy and also a small child. Two things I am not used to. I love getting to spend time with him so the tiredness that will come afterwards is worth it. I also get to hang out with his puppy, Paisley who is the cutest most sweetest little girl ever. The reason we are going up there instead of him coming to stay with us is because he has special tickets to see a showing of Captain Underpants at the local theater. I am a huge Captain Underpants fan! At one point, when I was younger, I had all the books. It is going to be so cool to get to see it on the big screen! We are also going to get some food from some local restaurants we love and hopefully get to see Tyler’s family while we are there.

Stay tuned for more exciting posts from yours truly!

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