A Connection Through Video Games

When  Tyler and I first started talking, we bonded over some of our more nerdy tendencies.  Like superheroes, comic books, and television shows.

Something that we both enjoy doing is playing video games. I, myself, entered our relationship with a PlayStation 2 and a GameCube but he had the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

I know, my systems are way behind the times. While I still own both systems, they have been moved to shelf where they collect dust because I refuse to get rid of them. My GameCube was one of the greatest Christmas gifts I have ever received and all of my Spyro games go with it. The PlayStation 2 was one of my first big purchases that I actually took the time to save up money for.

But the point of this post isn’t to reminisce about my old systems its to talk about how much Tyler and I have grown our relationships through video games.

That seems weird, right?

How can video games grow your relationship? Do you play together on a team? Do you play against each other? How the hell does this work?

Well its pretty simple, Tyler plays and I watch. Or in the most recent case, the opposite but for the most part I am happy to sit and watch Tyler play, for the most part. I think this is due in large part to being a middle child. If you are a middle child, you will know what I’m talking about.  My older sister played the older sister card and my younger sister, she could just be scary. My dad also loved to play video games and we would all watch him like it was a movie.

It can be really frustrating when he is stuck not to grab the controller and do it myself. But the games that Tyler plays, shooters, horror, etc. give me terrible anxiety. I don’t like dying, it makes me mad. I don’t like scary games because, well, they are scary. I’ve gotten better about my anxiety through playing PC games and story games. Your character dying doesn’t end the game, it just teaches you what not to do next time. But Scary games I still can’t do and I can barely watch. I just really don’t like being scared!

Anyway back to the point, again. Tyler plays and I watch. It is something we can do together. If gives us something to talk about and get excited for. I give him hints occasionally or point out an object he missed, I get to watch the story unfold, and Tyler gets the pleasure of hanging out with me! Or, you know, the pleasure of actually completing the game, figuring out the puzzles, etc. etc.

Together we have completed the new Tomb Raider series, a majority of the Uncharted series 2-4, Alien: Isolation, Dying Light, some scary horror games I don’t remember the name of because I watched through a blanket, Batman, and more!

Being a watcher also gives the opportunity to wander if I get bored or do other things while I watch. This is something that bothers Tyler, though. He doesn’t understand how I can do two things at once. I can, I’m really good at, ask my family they will back me up! I can sit down, read a book, and watch Netflix at the same time. I can also tell you what is going on in the book and show if you ask!

Right now, Tyler is working on finished the second smaller story of Dying Light, The Following is the name I think, and I started The Wolf Among Us. I love Telltale Games! They make story based video games based on popular shows and comic books that shape to the decisions you make for your character. I have worked through the two available seasons of The Walking Dead game and am waiting patiently for the third. This series is separate from the main story so its cool to see how other characters are reacting to the zombie apocalypse. They have other Walking Dead series out there too about main characters from the show/comic book and their back stories or side quests. They have also done a series on Game of Thrones that I’ve been wanting to play. It’s similar to the Walking Dead game that features a separate story-line but is still going on with-in the show/book.

The Wolf Among Us is based off of the comic book series, Fables. Fables is about storybook characters that have been forced to flee to the human world as theirs crumbles. I love the characters, the story, and just the whole idea of the game, though it is very similar to Once Upon a Time, just the idea not the story line. The Wolf Among Us has too much cussing, and murdering, and boobies……

Tyler and I have a pretty great relationship. I don’t mean to brag or be one of those people with a mushy, gross, unbearable relationships, but we do get along together really well. It is interesting to think about how we went to high school together (a year apart) and didn’t really even know about the others existence!


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