My Year in Review

2016…..What can we say about this year?

A lot of bad things happened from Harambe, to Syria, to Brexit, to the shooting at Pulse nightclub, to the refugee crisis, to the devastating wildfires in Tennessee, to terrorist attacks and it all culminated in the election of an unqualified, disgusting, horrible orange-colored donkey as president. This list could go on and on and on…….

A lot of good actors/scientists/humanitarians/dogs/people died. Some of these people had a huge impact on my life as well as having a huge impact on the world at large. Some of them left us too early leaving a hole in their place. Some we knew their times were coming but it still hurt.

It really does seem like 2016 was a real shit of a year but, at least for me, a few good things did happen.

  1. I turned 25 and had a great birthday at home with Tyler and the boys. Nothing memorable happened, in fact we stayed in and watched Modern Family all night and just barely made it to midnight. But those are the best moments.
  2. I spent two amazing weeks in Barcelona and met a great group of people who I hope to be friends and colleagues with for the rest of my life. Alright, I had a panic attack at the airport trying to get over there and getting home was even more of a mess, but still it was the trip of a lifetime.
  3. I made the decision to leave my job at Children’s Resource Group even though I didn’t have anything lined up. I took some time to myself and spent a couple of months at home getting my life together. I left my friends behind and would give anything to see them everyday again but we talk all the time and not seeing each other makes the moments that we do see each other even better!
  4. I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with my Master’s Degree in Museum Studies! One of the greatest accomplishments in my entire life and has set me on the career path that I want/need/love.
  5. That being said, I took a chance and applied to Indiana University to get my PhD in Ancient History. If I don’t get in, it isn’t the end of the world but at least I tried.
  6. I got a position as a cataloging technician at the Indiana Historical Society.
  7. I had a small cancer-scare but it turns out I just have a weird disease where non-cancerous growths will pop up on my body from time-to-time.
  8. I was offered a second position at the Indiana Historical Society as a Digital Resource Assistant. Though I am still considered part-time, I have two positions at an institution that I love and really enjoy working at.
  9. I started this blog which I love to write, even if some of my writings are strange ramblings or if I tell an embarrassing story or two. It has made me realize how much I enjoy writing and I hope it will lead to other avenues.
  10. I grew closer to my sisters by getting to spend more time with them during the holidays.
  11. I got to see my nephew wake up on Christmas morning and open his presents. There is nothing as great in this world as getting to see the wonder of Christmas through the eyes of a child.
  12. Finally, I have a man in my life that loves me more than I will ever know and two dogs who are my entire world.

Okay so maybe there were more than a few good things that came out of this year for me personally.

So instead of thinking about all the shit, and there is a lot of shit, try to think about the good things that have happened to you or someone you know in 2016. Use these good things to bolster yourself up and start 2017 with a positive attitude!

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