That Weird Week Between Christmas and New Years

The week between Christmas and New Years is like a limbo week. There isn’t much to do and you are just waiting for the next holiday. When I was a kid it meant lounging at home, playing with my new toys from Christmas or texting my friends about what they got for Christmas. It meant my older sister’s birthday and then, of course, my birthday. As an adult it means going back to work for a few days, trying to work even though you would rather be at home, and just waiting for the next day off. The excitement for my birthday has also worn off as it means I’m just getting older.

This week was a little bit more amusing and I did some fun things that made the week go by a little bit faster.

To start off, I only had to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which was nice but also stunk. In order to get all of my hours in I had to come in even earlier than I normally do and stay later which meant I had to drive myself to work every day. Even though I didn’t want to work, I still got a lot done and even surprised myself.

Tuesday, I went to Costco for my sister who needed a folding table for her birthday party, more on that in a minute, but didn’t find one and went home to Tyler who had the day off. It was a nice relaxing night in, the rest of the week was fun!

On Wednesday, I met up with some friend for Harry Potter trivia. If you know anything Image result for harry potter triviaabout me, you know I have read Harry Potter more than 20 times. I use to make a point to read them every summer even through high school and college. As I’ve gone through grad school and, you know, life, I haven’t been able to sit down and read as much as I would love to. So this last round of Harry Potter was the audio books, which were amazing! So we met up and participated in trivia and we stunk! Some of the questions were a little out there but I think the biggest problem was that the guy asking the questions could not speak like the average human being. He couldn’t pronounce words, would skip words in a sentence entirely, and just overall was hard to listen to. That being said, I would definitely do it again, even if I lost again, just because it was fun!

Thursday was my older sister’s birthday and she hosted a board game themed party at her and Ryan’s new house. Emily had a house full of friends and even Kelsey and her friend Shelby drove down from Rensselaer to celebrate with her. The overall party was based around two thing, board games and food from Buzzfeed’s Tasty segments. Emily got the cookbook for Christmas and guests were asked to bring their favorite recipe. I made pigs in pigs in a blanket which was little sausages rolled in prosciutto rolled in crescent dough of puffed  pastry. There were cheese and meat plates, macaroni and cheese bread sticks, ham and cheese roll-ups, a butterfinger dessert thing, mixed cocktails, and a bunch of other munchies. We started the night out with Family Feud, moved to Heads Up, and my night finished with Taboo. I was pretty tired from working and then making pigs in a blanket for the party that I had to leave early but they continued to party and even howled at the moon.

I had the day off Friday and spent the day picking up the apartment and doing laundry. I know, it was my day off and I just went crazy! That night Tyler and I went to the store to get all of the food for the weekend/our New Years celebration/my birthday.

I guess this would be the part where I point out that my birthday is New Years Day. You would think that would mean I would live it up and party on my birthday but I usually spend my birthday at home. My absolute favorite place to be is in my apartment, in my pajamas, and on my couch. It was the perfect way to bring in the New Year and my birthday.

So on New Years Eve, we got my favorite food for lunch, sushi. I have learned through the years that if I want to eat something I love for my birthday it is best to do it on New Years Eve because places tend to be closed on New Years Day. For dinner, we did a feast of frozen food! This included taquitos, pizza rolls, pizza, and mozzarella sticks. I wanted to do a throw back this year and make foods that I used to love to eat when I was a kid and in college. We drank, we ate, we watched Star Wars, and we actually made it to midnight!

The next morning we woke up and had mimosas, followed by french toast with strawberries and sausage. Tyler also bought me presents! I got a new day planner, a new sweatshirt, and a pair of Air Jordans! For dinner, I made Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon. It has been a birthday tradition of mine for years and you might think it is crazy to cook a four hour long dinner yourself on your birthday when you should be relaxing but the end result is worth the work.

Yesterday, we both had the day off and spent it watching movies and I started the new video game Tyler got me for Christmas, The Wolf Among Us. Today we both had to go back to work and actually got to ride to work together.

I have a lot of big plans for my life and I am hoping that 2017, and being another year older, will see some of these plans come to fruition! So here is to hoping for a better year for all!


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