Preparing for the Holidays or Lack Thereof

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!img_0499

We have now officially entered the build-up week for Christmas!

Something strange has happened this year, not only am I completely done with my holiday shopping, I am also done with all of my wrapping. This has never happened before. I am usually either buying something at the last minute which then needs to be wrapped at the last minute or I just let everything sit and have to quickly wrap it on Christmas Eve. This was a severe problem when I worked at CRG because the office was open until noon so I would have to head straight home to Rensselaer from the office to get to my grandparents for our usual Christmas Eve festivities. This meant that I would have to hustle up to my old room to wrap everything literally hours before Christmas morning!

But this year, I am all set. It helps that I had way less presents to by since my family is dimg_0521oing a booze exchange instead of gifts and I don’t know anyone well enough at my current job to buy them things. So it was just a bottle of booze, some stuff for Tyler and the boys, and gifts for my nephew, Kendal.  I also did the annual Secret Santa exchange on Imgur and sent a total stranger a gift. I made a mug for my person, bought them candy, a blanket, and stuff for their animals. They loved it! It felt really good to make a complete strangers day. I haven’t received my gift yet but there is still time and I’m really happy that I got to participate. It’s not about receiving, it’s about giving!

So since most of my prep is done, I get to relax for the rest of the week! On Christmas Eve morning, I will get up early to make food for Christmas Eve at my grandparents, pack up the car and drive home for the holidays. This year all of us girls and our significant others are spending the night at my younger sister’s, Kelsey, so we can all wake up with my nephew on Christmas morning to see what Santa Claus brought him!

This week is also Percy’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe that my little baby is going to be two. I honestly forget sometimes that he is still a puppy thanks in large part to his breed and how calm he is.

I’m sure I’ll do a post about Percy, holiday traditions, and how my Christmas goes so stay tuned!


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