It’s The Puzzle Madness

Have you ever heard of Puzzle Madness?

Probably not, because I am 99.9999% sure that it only ever happens to me and it is an ailment I have only developed recently.

Tyler and I decided, oh, probably a couple of months back that we were going to be the type of couple that sits down and puts together puzzles together. We looked on Amazon and found a 1,000 piece puzzle, we were so ambitious, that we both agreed looked pretty neat.

When the puzzle arrived we couldn’t wait to get started. We sat down on a Saturday and got to work! My puzzle philosophy has always been to put the border pieces together first the work from the outside in. Everything was going smoothly. We got the border together somewhat quickly and began to sort like pieces together. I quickly got to work putting the right top corner together while Tyler worked on the signature. It was then as I put together piece after piece that Tyler came to the slow realization that we was not good at puzzles.

My section flourished while his sputtered out. Opie also decided that one piece made the perfect chew toy, though intact the piece does not look good. We stopped to make dinner and the puzzle laid untouched for weeks afterwards. Thanks to its large size, it takes up our entire dining room table forcing us to eat on TV trays (something I love doing but Tyler, not so much).

It soon became clear that if this puzzle was going to be done that I was going to do it myself. I began working on it here in there, while watching Netflix and sipping Angry Orchards. It was then that the pattern emerged.

I found myself talking to myself more and making up weird songs. I began to get this loopy feeling, giddy almost, as I worked on the puzzle. I began saying very sexually inappropriate things to Tyler, though he doesn’t seem to mind and some can be quite good.

It was during one of these puzzle sessions that Tyler finally asked, “What the hell is wrong with you?”.

Without even thinking I replied, “It’s the PUZZLE MADNESS!”.

As far as I can tell is this is very rare mental problem and the only cure is to finish the puzzle. Just battle through until that last piece fits perfectly into the puzzle, then rip it apart, put it back in the box, and leave it in the closet for a long time!

Note: I wrote this post several weeks ago and just like the puzzle it has sat here forever unfinished. Unfortunately Tyler gave me last week to complete the puzzle and thanks to a head cold I failed. There will be no more puzzle madness in our home and we finally have a dining room table again!

We might try to do the puzzle again but not for a long, long, long time!

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