The Day the Nation Died

I woke up this morning nervous. I had stayed up as long as I could and watched the polls close one by one. I watched as Donald Trump gained Texas and then I called it a night. No way would he become president, people aren’t that dumb. I sat down at my computer and Facebook happened to be open. The first thing I saw was Canada Immigration was trending. My stomach dropped, maybe that was left over from the night before. I refreshed my screen and it was still there. I scrolled down and sure enough, Donald Trump had been elected president.

I sat there in shock and then the tears started coming. I realized I was scared. I am afraid for myself, for the LGBTQ community, immigrants, the black community and all women. He makes fun of the disabled and has taunted military veterans. This man built himself up on a platform of hate and the American people lifted him even higher. The amount of sexist, racist and homophobic remarks that came out of this man was enough that it should have deterred most people from voting for him but it didn’t. It allowed people to publicly show their hate for other Americans.

As I write this now, I am starting to tear up again as I think of the amount of hate spewing from this country. My thoughts went first to my friend Rashida and her two boys Makai and Makani. I knew that she was already extremely nervous for her boys just to leave the house everyday for fear that they would be shot just for being black. Now she has even more to fear as the many of the racist people of this county climb out of the woodwork and make their feelings known. Then I thought about the family and friends I have made in the LGBTQ community either in person or online. Now they to be afraid just because of who they love. How can you look at another human being and hate them for loving someone of the same gender? How can you hate them for being their true selves? I then thought about immigrants and refugees. Our country was built on the backs of these groups of people. In all truth most of the people who hate immigrants are descendants of immigrants themselves. Hello! That is how America was made! ‘Give us your tired, your weak, and your poor’. They came here because they would be offered a better life but now our nation represents fear. Finally, I though about myself and other women. We may lose control over what we can do with our own bodies, especially of Mike Pence has his way. We might be forced back down simply because we have a vagina and therefore we are inferior. This all just seems to crazy and surreal.

People woke up today afraid because of who they loved, how they lived their lives, the color of their skin, and even what freaking genitals they have. They had to explain to their children how a bully is now going to run our country for the next four years. Now those parents will have to explain to their children every ridiculous and crude action this man does. Now we have to send a man who uses the word “bigly”, who has an awful temper and was raised to believe what he wanted he would get to negotiate with other countries. What happens the first time someone disagrees with him? What happens when he thinks he’s been snubbed by another country? I am not ready for World War III, are you?

America was once a proud nation, now we are a joke. We elected someone who is severely unqualified to lead our nation, let alone “make it great again”. The guy had a freaking reality show for fucks sake and has sexually assaulted dozens of women. I can’t even look at this man without getting a sick feeling in my stomach. I tried to think about him in the White House and it made me angry. This man does not deserve to walk through the same halls as Abraham Lincoln or FDR.

I am so upset, angry and disappointed in America. I have been for awhile but this was my tipping point. I never thought I would live to see the day this great nation died. You might see this as an exaggeration but it is true. Our nation has been broken for awhile, not by the people who run it but by the people who live in it. This moment was day that the life support machine was turned off.

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