What’s been going on?

I realized after I posted today that it had been awhile since I told the folks who visit here, if there are any, what has been going on in the life of He and She!

Tyler is pretty much perfect as always. He did go through a grumpy patch for a little while but I understood. He has been frustrated with his job. He isn’t passionate about it and I know how that feels. While I loved everyone I worked with at CRG, it just wasn’t what I wanted to be doing with my life. I wanted to work in a museum or other cultural institution, not a doctors office. I was unhappy there and I know I took it out on him sometimes so I can relate to how he feels now.

Tyler is an excellent writer. He has written several short stories that I have loved, he knows I would be pretty vocal if I didn’t like them. He has been talking about leaving his job and trying to write. I keep telling him to go for it but he’s reluctant. I mean, who wants to quit a pretty decent paying job for something that might not work out? Well, I did and I think it worked out pretty great!

Opie and Percy are the best boys in the whole wide world, except for the fleas!  I might have already mentioned that we have been battling these demons but we can’t seem to be rid of them. Opie isn’t nearly as bad as Percy, yes he has some on him but they don’t bite him and make him itch the way Percy’s unwanted company does. I think it has something to do with fur. Opie has more of a flat thin coat that is easy to scrub but Percy has a dense long fluffy fur that refuses to be clean thoroughly. I think we are pretty close to getting rid of them. We have been spraying the apartment with Vets Best Flea Spray which is an all natural flea killer and repellent that can also be used on the boys. The boys have also been sprayed with Advantage flea killer and just this weekend had their monthly flea treatment. We also gave them a bunch of baths with Dawn Dish Soap and Vets Best Itch Relief shampoo. Honestly, if this last round doesn’t work I am going to lose my mind!

This last week I finished up my application to IU’s Graduate program in Ancient History. It was a huge relief when everyone I asked for letters of recommendation said yes. As soon as I had the go ahead, I edited my personal statement based on their critiques and hit send. I probably won’t hear back for awhile since applications are due until December but it felt good to get it done with quickly.

For the blog, I am going to start posting more. Tyler gave me a big boost in confidence after he read some posts and praised the blog. This week, I am going to start on the next chapter of He and She, which has been a long time coming. I am also going to work on some more life stories, food posts, and what have you. Stay tuned!


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