What To Write First

Since I posted, It’s Hard to Remember the Good Stuff, I have come up with so many ideas of what I should write and share with the world. I want to tell you about my life growing up, my family, my dogs, Tyler, my job, and much much more. I am going to start working soon on the next chapter of He and She, The First Date.

For now I will give you guys a quick update on my rough week. Yesterday was a little bit better. Opie is still having tummy trouble and Percy is still scratching his old flea bites, but they seem on the mend. We haven’t had any traffic issues since Tuesday’s debacle and Tyler and I are starting to feel a lot better. That being said, I found out yesterday that my student loans are going to be due in a month. Why do they make paying them so difficult? Because I am over 100,000 dollars in debt, my monthly payments were going to be giant! I had to apply for an income-driven payment plan which required me to fill out a form online and mail one in. Once I mail the second part in, they will decide if I am approved for that plan or not. Obviously, I don’t make enough money at my current job to afford giant payments so hopefully things will go my way. It is my hope that I can find a full-time job at a non-profit museum that will help me make payments until my loans are forgiven. Did you know that if you work at a non-profit for 10 years and keep up with your payments your loans can be forgiven?  In the meantime, I have been researching ways to sell my old lecture notes. It would be a great passive income and help a little with loan payments and other necessities.

In a previous post, I had mentioned going back to school to get my PhD. While I still want to do this very badly, the amount of debt I have now has made me rethink things. Do I really want to go into even more debt when I can just find a position with my current degree? If I don’t go back to school, I’m not sure what Tyler and I will do. We don’t really want to live in Indianapolis that much longer. Tyler doesn’t enjoy his job like I enjoy mine, but I would be willing to move and find another position to make him happy. I honestly think that would be the best option for us anyway. Just to get away and change things up.

Welp, that is the end of my ramblings for today. Tomorrow will be something more exciting I think!

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