A Tough Week So Far

This week has been a tough one. Percy has been itching himself for over a month and being the ding dong that I am, I thought it was just allergies. I mean his brother (though technically not his brother, he isn’t even the same breed) wasn’t itching at all so I never thought it was anything other than weird Shiba Inu stuff. Welp, turns our my poor little Stinky (Percy’s nickname) had fleas! I have never had a dog have fleas like this ever. We realized it late and he is missing fur under his back legs. We searched Opie and sure enough he had some too but not as bad as his brother. Tyler woke me on Sunday, from a nice dream by the way, saying we need to give the boys baths ASAP. Of course we were out of Dawn dish soap, this stuff works wonders on fleas! We got Percy from an Amish breeder in the middle of nowhere and were worried he might have come with some pests so we bought some. With no other problems in sight, I used the rest of it on the actual dishes. So I hoped up, ran to Kroger, bought the Dawn and two bones to make up for our bad puppy parenting and stopped at Starbucks. I needed the caffeine to fortify for the day to come.

The boys then got there baths. Opie hates baths, you can’t even say the word in passing without him running for the hills. So, he went first. Once you get him in the bathroom, he hops in all by himself and freezes into place. He got out and got the after bath zoomies while Tyler chased down Percy for his bath. We scrubbed him, rinsed him and scrubbed him again. Then he was set free and also had the after bath zoomies. I let the water drain out and I was cleaning up globs of his hair there were a bunch of dead fleas floating around. As a reward they got their bones, which was a great distraction for Percy to stop the itching. After they dried, I treated them with their flea medicine (something I need to be better about obvsiously) and slapped a pair of Tyler’s old underwear on Percy. This has proven to be a very good scratching deterrent.

The rest of the day went along as normal, Tyler watched football while I cuddled with Bubs (Opie’s nickname) and played Pokemon. Monday morning was uneventful, but Monday afternoon proved not to be. We got home and were changing out of our work clothes to walk the boys when we hear this strange splatter noise. It turns out, Opie’s stomach did not agree with the bone from the previous day and he just could not hold it in. So I got the nice choir of cleaning up liquid dog poop of the linoleum. Tyler had the choir of walking him which resulted in a lot more liquid poop. It just smelled awful. I made him some rice to settle his tummy and he is doing much much better, though he keeps trying to get us to give him the last bone chunk.

And now we get Tuesday. Tyler and I carpool to work. It saves me gas money and the anxiety of driving (which has gotten incredibly worse after 2 accidents in 2015 and one almost accident in 2016). Little did we know that this morning around 4 a.m. a truck carrying cookie dough caught on fire on our work route and was still happening when we left the house around 7. We tried to go around but the on ramps were closed, after looping around and around, we were finally able to get to work. I was 30 minutes late, Tyler was 45. Tyler doesn’t get mad or upset or grumpy about much, except traffic. He hates it more than anything and when he gets mad it is better to just not talk and let him have it out.

We are also suffering from colds, which is mostly my fault because I was sick first and gave it to Tyler.

At least we are half way through the week and things can only get better! Right?


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