It’s Hard to Remember the Good Stuff.

I want to do some posts story posts about my life up until this post so that if readers ever do stop by, they can get so know more about the She of He and She. It’s strange though when you think back on your life. The stories that tend to stick out the most are the sad, depressing ones more than the happy. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to remember funny or heartwarming memories. I know they are in there somewhere, hiding behind the stacks of ancient history lessons and memorized song lyrics.

I guess I could tell you a little bit about my life in general and then tell the stories as they come along. I am the middle child for three girls. Emily is two years older than me and Kelsey is two years younger. Middle child syndrome has never been a problem for me, okay maybe a little bit. I have had the great fortune of being the smart one and felt I got enough recognition for that. Emily lives with the love her life, Ryan, in Indianapolis (they just bought their first house and it is freaking sweet) and is an elementary school teacher. We lived together for a few years too, there are some stories there I assure you. Kelsey lives in our hometown of Rensselaer, a small “city” in northern Indiana, with her recently turned four year old son, Kendal. They make the cutest little family and Kelsey is an amazing mother.

Our parents divorced when we were all still pretty young. We would spend some weekends with our dad who lived in an even smaller town about 45 minutes away. They both eventually remarried but my dad never really got over the bitterness of the divorce and it began to weigh on us girls. Eventually less and less time was spent at our dad’s and soon we rarely saw him at all. Again he took this as a slight and it was easier to just cut of all communication with him than to deal with it. My sister’s still see and talk to him every now and then, but I haven’t spoken to him since 2010.

My mom remarried the most amazing man, who became the best dad any kid could have asked for (Today is his birthday!). She has always been a good mom, though she has her ups and downs. You could always rely on her in the tough times and joke around with her in the good times.

As I said, I am from a small “city”. I say “city” because technically it is a city, based on population, but it’s more like a town. We bounced around a lot from apartment to house before my mom married my stepdad but when she did we settled down on his farm just outside of town. He grows corn and soybeans and used to raise cattle. I had a herd of goats for 4-H and we had barn cats coming out the ying-yang.

My immediate family and the way I grew up shaped the person I became and am still trying to become. Taking the time to write all of this out has actually helped me remember a couple of really good stories I will have to share! Stay tuned!

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