Cancer Scare

About a month ago, I felt a lump in one of my boobies. Yes, I said boobies! As any girl would do, I freaked out about it. No one wants to feel a lump any where in there body especially in there booby! I texted just about everyone I knew for advice and decided to wait to get it checked out to see if it would change in size or shape. Well, it didn’t. So I visited my lady doctor and she had me schedule an ultrasound but she said it was most likely a cyst, not cancer. She told me at least three times there was nothing to be worried about. I would most likely go in, they would see that is was a cyst and I would go on with my day. I really wasn’t all that worried.

The next week, last Friday, I went in for my ultrasound. The radiologist was all cheerful and talkative but the longer the ultrasound went on the more she got quiet and started asking a bunch of strange questions. “Have you been injured in this area lately?” “Could one of your dogs have bumped you here?” I told her no to everything. She explained that lump looked a little strange and had weird margins. Usually cysts are very round and you can identify them right away but she was struggling with this one. She still felt like it could be a cyst and  thought the mass was fluid filled and wanted to try an aspiration. This is where they numb the area, jab a needle into your booby, and try to pull our fluid from the lump. Luckily, they were able to do it that day. She cautioned me that if no fluid came out that they would have to do a biopsy. Of course as soon as I heard biopsy, my nerves kicked in. Biopsy just goes hand-in-hand with cancer. Well they tried the aspiration and, just my luck, no fluid came out and they switched to a biopsy.

My biopsy consisted of more numbing, which hurt like a bitch, and then a different type of needle that would ram up in the lump and collect the sample with a loud click. They took two samples and the nurse was kind enough to let me squeeze the crap out of her hand the whole time. They gave me a list of things I could and couldn’t do for the next couple of days, a warning that hit would hurt when the numbing wore off, some ice packs and sent me on my way. The pain hit almost immediately after we left the hospital. You don’t really think about how much your boobs jiggle until you don’t want them to. My mom came with me, thank goodness, because I was not prepared for all of what I had done. She got me lunch, took me home and hung out with me until Tyler got home to take care of me.

My poor booby hurt for three days! I couldn’t lay right, I couldn’t move my arm above my head or stretch it out. I couldn’t even help walk my poor dogs (okay, I kind of enjoyed not walking them…don’t tell Tyler). By Tuesday, the pain had dwindled down to nothing but my anxiety was cranked up to 100. The only thing I had really cared about up until this point was the next time I could take more Tylenol, but Tuesday was the results day. I decided while I waited I would read about other peoples phone calls about their biopsy results, this was a very very very bad idea. I almost immediately had a panic attack, my stomach was all in knots, and I could not stop staring at my phone. They didn’t call until after Tyler and I got home from work (we carpool, isn’t that cute?). I took a big gulp of air and answered the phone. The doctor, different from the one who did the biopsy, almost immediately said, you do NOT have cancer! I was so excited that I didn’t really care what she said after that. She let me know I have something called Nodular Fasciitis. It is a benign tumor disorder that causes growths to pop up quickly but they eventually go away after a long time. She just had a preliminary report at that time but she knew I was probably freaking out and wanted to give me a call before I left for the day. She did call back the next with a little more information and so ask how my booby was.

The booby in question has a bruise that features all the colors of the rainbow. I bruise way to easily and they always last for weeks. I think it looks pretty neat but I’m not sure Tyler agrees with me.

But in all seriousness, if you ever feel a lump, no matter what, get it checked out as soon as you can! Even if you are prone to lumpy boobies or think that cancer can’t happen to you, still have to looked at.


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