A Full Week

This week is the first full week of my new schedule at the historical society. I will be working Monday through Thursday, Monday and Tuesday as a cataloging technician and Wednesday and Thursday as a digital resource assistant. It was pretty hard waking up Monday at 5 a.m. when I am so used to getting to sleep in and I thought the day would go by so slow but it went by so fast! I am still working with the newspaper clippings on the cataloging front and yesterday things were so challenging that it kept me really busy. The whole point of re-doing the clipping files is because when the historical society transferred to a new system, the records for these files did not transfer correctly. Some just have the wrong dates of need more tags, while other don’t exist at all or connected to the wrong record. I wasn’t running into too many issues until I got to the S’s (I am working backwards through the alphabet). Every other one has had something wrong with it!

Last Thursday I was trained on how to do my new position as a digital resource assistant. It was nice to interact with the digitization department and I love the work. The historical society received a huge donation of Larry Foster photographs, and by huge I mean thousand upon thousands. The images have all been scanned in by another department and it is up to the digitization team to catalog the ones that are going to be put in the digital images catalog for the public to do. A lot of the work is very similar to my cataloging position which made it easier for me to learn. The biggest difference, and the thing I love the post, is that I get to write descriptions for the photographs! I get to write out a little blurb about the photograph and the history behind it. Sometimes this requires research and the history nerd in me probably goes a little overboard with it. If there is nothing to research, I get to write my own description just based off what the image shows. It’s like getting to write out a little short story every time!

I’ve been trying to make the hard decision to splurge on myself and buy some new cloths or if I should splurge and monetize my blog or if I should splurge on a gaming PC and start streaming on Twitch again. I very rarely spend money on myself and it has been almost a year since I bought any new clothes.But the last two options might bring in a little money in the long run. Decisions, decisions.

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