Things Change Quickly

It is amazing how one day you are on a certain path and then the next day the path takes a strange turn and you end up going a different way then you intended. Sometimes this new way can be intimidating but will lead you right where you want and need to be.  In my last post, I mentioned an interview at IUPUI as a part-time data specialist. Well, I was offered the job and was then bombarded with a massive amount of paperwork and a to-do list before I even started. I slowly worked my way through both, the last thing being the I-9 form. I actually had to go to campus to complete the forms, so I scheduled a time to come when I was at IHS because they are minutes from each other. I took the time off to walk 1.5 miles to campus only to find out the person was not there and no one else could help me. I walked back to IHS, sat down and got back to work. Not even 15 minutes later I was speaking with the Director of Digitization about a position I had applied for in her department. She wanted to check with me on hours. They can’t make me full-time because it is grant funded but wanted to split my time between my current position as a cataloging tech and new position as a digital resource assistant. I was so excited! In all honesty, I only took the IUPUI position for money and already hated it just because of all of the work I had to do just to start there. I immediately e-mailed the people at IUPUI and explained the situation and told them I could no longer except there offer. I start training for my new position next week! The IHS has a really cool digital images collection, containing both recent and extremely old photographs, and I might actually get to do some research as well!

I’m going to geek out about something really quick so excuse me for a minute. As a cataloging tech I was working on cataloging pamphlets in the collection. This pams have been sitting around for years, I mean some since the 50’s, and have never made it into the catalog. It was interesting work but inconsistent and sometimes very boring. On Tuesday, I officially ran out of pams and received a new task! And I lov120316_newspaper_clippingse it! The resource library has a huge collection of newspaper clippings. Recently staff noticed huge discrepancies (i.e. different formats, wrong dates, newly added clippings, etc.) in the way they were cataloged and my supervisors have just started working to correct it. Topics range widely from abortions to zebra mussels so it is something different every time I open a folder. What I really like about this is that I get to go through the folders and sort them by date. I am a huge nerd when it comes to organization so this is seriously awesome. Also just reading the headlines and seeing what people saved from newspapers is extremely interesting. It’s not only clippings but I’ve also read a Life magazine from WWI and a New Yorker from the 1930s.

I am slowly working on my personal statements for my grad school application and as am going to contact my old professors for letters of recommendation soon. I know if promised the first installment of He and She awhile ago but I swear it is going up tonight! Things have been going so good lately it’s amazing. I have two great positions at a great institution, I have two awesome pupper dogs, and an amazing boyfriend.


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