Another Job Opportunity

I almost forgot about my poor blog! The first chapter of He and She is done and will be publishegiphyd on here later this week. I am too nervous to share it with anyone I know so I will be sharing it with my Twitch followers. There aren’t many since I haven’t streamed in quite awhile due to technical difficulties but hopefully it will pull some readers in and be shared by them! It took me awhile to get Tyler to read it and when he finally did it right in front of me and made me nervous. Besides making fun of some of my errors, he actually enjoyed it and said there needed to be more. That made me feel so good about it and now I can’t wait to start on the next story.

I am still working away at the Indiana Historical Society but am looking for other opportunities as well. I have mostly been applying to part-time positions that will work with my current schedule at IHS but I have applied for a few full-time positions as well. The one I am most excited about is a curator position at a small county history museum. It would be a great starting point for me and the museum sounds like a great place to work. In the meantime, I have an interview coming up tomorrow as a part-time date specialist for the admissions department at IUPUI. It isn’t exactly what I want to be doing but it is a temporary position and will help pay the bills until I can find something else (if I even get the job!).

Since my last post, I made a pretty big decision regarding my future career iu_lgpath. I have decided to attempt to get my PhD in Ancient History. It is taking a lot of work just to apply, I can’t imagine what the actual schooling part is going to be like. The hardest part of all, I have to take the GRE again. If you have ever taken the GRE, you know how much it sucks. I am struggling with the math and it is taking up most of my study time. I still have to write my personal statements and contact old professors for letters of recommendation. I want to have  my personal statements done before I e-mail my professors so I can send them a copy as well to help with their letter writing process. I am really excited to go back to school and study an area I am extremely passionate about. The only downside is more student loan debt, but who knows maybe I will win the lottery soon!


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