An Age Old Problem

This week was pretty big on the job front. On Monday, I interviewed for a year long, grant-funded position at the Carmel Clay Historical Society as an Archival Collections Manager. In this position, I would get the chance to work hands-on with actual historical objects! The interview went great, or at least I think it did. We talked at a small cafe and then we walked down to see where the collection is kept/where I would be working. It was an adorable tiny home that was converted to hold the collection. The lady that interviewed me was so easy to talk to and I felt comfortable there. I sent a Thank You e-mail the other day but haven’t gotten a response. It makes me nervous. This position would be perfect for me and I know that I would excel at it. It would also work great in my schedule with the position I have now since it too would be part time. I find it really interesting that, if I were to get this position, I would be making almost 500 dollars a month more than what I made at my full-time position.


I spent two full days (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) at my position at the Indiana Historical Society this week and loved it. Tyler and I carpooled this week which was nice. Technically my hours are supposed to be from 8-4 but since Tyler has to be at work at 7:30, I am usually at work at 7:30. It’s not that big of an issue because I get to leave early. We will run into a snag next week because of an assigned Reading Room shift from 2-4 on Tuesdays so Tyler will have to wait on me for a half an hour but it means I can get of a half an hour early on Wednesday (but then I have to wait 30 minutes for him…….).

The biggest issue I am running into at this position is that there really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot for me to do. I run out of things to work on pretty often and then have to go bother my supervisor for more work to do. On Wednesday, I tried to take more time to complete the tasks I was given but still ran out of things to do for the last hour I was there. Maybe I need to ask for more responsibility but I feel like it is still too soon for that. On the plus side, I get to listen to audio books while I work. I finished Harry Potter this week and started on Game of Thrones.13557842_10153847571214075_8415661033488085956_n

Yesterday was nice and relaxing at home with the dogs and today I went and looked at apartments in case we do need to move. We still haven’t heard back from our current complex about rent negotiations so who knows. I went to 4 different apartment complexes and fell in love with too, liked one, and nixed the other. There is one I love more than the other but Tyler wants to do more research on cost.

It was during my apartment search that the Age Old Problem came in to effect. I am just not making enough money at my current position to afford rent, my car payment, bills, gas and groceries. The first three would be taken care of but it is the other two I am worried about. It makes me nervous that maybe I should have held out for a better position. I know that if I get the position at CCHS I will be fine but if not, I will not be. I started looking for other jobs again just in case but I can’t shake this anxiety. I am just trying to keep good vibes until I hear back about the second position.

I am struggling with He and She. Not the actual story itself but finding the motivation to work on it when I can. It is also taking me a lot longer to write the first story but it is coming along nicely. I just need to find my mojo!

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