A New Job….

Today marks the end of my first week at my new job! I am currently working at the Indiana Historical Society as a cataloging technician. It has been a fun and interesting week. My first and second day were full of doubt and the thought that maybe I shouldn’t have taken this job. It is part-time, extreme part-time, only 15 hours a week. I had originally planned to work 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) for five hours a day, but it doesn’t make sense for me to drive downtown (a 30 minute drive on a good day) that many times a week. So I will be working Tuesdays and Wednesdays for a full shift. The pay is decent but the pay schedule is weird, once a month at the end of the month. I began to think maybe I should have held out to find a better full time position in a different museum in Indianapolis or outside of Indiana. I was hoping to work more hands on with the collection and research too. My third day was excellent. I love sitting in my work space, listening to Harry Potter on audio and cataloging the collection. I get to catch little snippets of whats available and I am surrounded by historical objects all day! I also get to work downtown and I seriously love it downtown.

I also ran across another part time opportunity at another historical society in Carmel and have an interview set up for Monday. I would be one of two Archival Collections Managers and would get to work hands on with the collection there. I am so excited that all of my dreams of working in cultural institutions are starting to come true and this is only the beginning! I do miss my friends from my previous job but we still talk everyday and I can’t wait to get together with them soon!

Another issues that has popped up this week is our apartment. It was recently purchased, renamed and upgraded. Empty units that have been completely updated (new floors, new washer and dryer, fresh paint) are going for over 200 dollars of what we pay now. In our unit we got a partial upgrade (new kitchen appliances, new counter tops, new doors, somewhat updated kitchen cupboards, fresh paint, doors and fixtures but the cupboards themselves are the old ones) but not the whole Monty. We went to the office and discussed our continuing to rent here, our lease is up in September. They then inform us our rent is going up to 777, which isn’t bad but then they start telling us about all the add-ons we now have to pay for. Water and sewage, which is a range because each unit doesn’t have its own water meter and is based on apartment occupancy. So let’s say Tyler and I use very little water but our neighbor downstairs who lives by herself uses a shit ton of water, we would have to pay more than she does. The range they gave us is 35-75 which is still just a guess. We will also now be required to pay pet rent, we didn’t have to before, and it is 25 a dog (but they did say they would try to get it taken off since we don’t have the new flooring and won’t be getting it). Finally, they will be getting rid of all the dumpsters and switching to a compactor and that is another 10 dollars a month. That puts us way out of our price range and other neighbors have been fleeing ever since the changes. It would make more sense if the insulation and windows were dealt with too in the upgrades. Heating and cooling these apartments in the peak of winter and summer can be upwards of 200 dollars. So it looks like we will be moving. It stresses me out just to think about packing this place up. I love it here and have loved it here since the day I moved in.

Sorry for the rant but it has been frustrating…..

The first story of He and She is coming along nicely and I am going to dedicate more time to work on, especially tomorrow since I have the day off.

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