An Introduction

Hello Everyone and welcome to He and She! My name is Liz and I live in Indianapolis with my manfriend (I feel like we are too old for the term boyfriend) and our two dogs. Opie is a boxer/pug mix andPercy is a Shiba Inu. Tyler and I have been together for 5 years and I never thought I would find someone who fit me so perfectly.


I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with my Master’s Degree in Museum Studies. My undergraduate coursework was in history with a minor in classical studies. I have always loved all areas of history but have always been really drawn to ancient history. I could sit and read about historical events and watch historical documentaries all day (if only the history channel actually played them anymore).


I currently work in two roles at the Indiana Historical Society. I began my work here as a cataloging assistant and later earned a role working with the digital collection. Most of my work has to do with entering information regarding collections and images online for the public to view. I also do a bit of work processing reference collections and scanning and editing items (like letters, postcards, photographs and negatives). Unfortunately my position is grant funded and the grant will be running out at the end of the year so I have begun the job search process again.

In my blog I discuss anything and everything. Enjoy posts about my life, my job, food, and more!

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