My First Post and Introduction

Hello Everyone and welcome to He and She! I am currently in the process of writing th13327483_10153781967744075_7151199512111187373_ne first chapter of the story which I hope will stand as a good introduction to the characters. I have been working on this idea for awhile now along with another story that is the complete opposite of He and She. I thought I would take the time to introduce myself. My name is Liz and I live in Indianapolis with my manfriend (I feel like we are too old for the term boyfriend) and our two dogs. Opie is a boxer/pug mix and is 5. Percy is a Shiba Inu and he is 1 (pictured below). Tyler and I have been together for 3 years and I never thought I would find someone who fit me so perfectly.

I recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University with my Master’s Degree in Museum Studies. My undergraduate coursework was in history with a minor in classical studies. I have always loved all areas of history but have always been really drawn to ancient history. I could sit and read about historical events and watch historical documentaries all day (if only the history channel actually played them anymore).

While I was in school for my masters, I worked in a comprehensive mental health office that served all age ranges. It was extremely stressful and emotionally wearing so two weeks from graduating I decided it was time to turn in my two weeks and focus on finding a career in my ne13263837_10153773709684075_7304893859835185800_nw field. The first few days after my last working day were great but I had a scheduled vacation for graduation so it didn’t feel real, it didn’t feel like I was unemployed. The more days I sat home alone, the more it weighed on me that I am not making money. I also really missed my work friends, even though we still text everyday. I put the pedal to the metal and pushed out resume after resume to museums in Indiana and also around the United States. Nothing bit, until yesterday, when I was offered an interview for a part-time position at the Indiana Historical Society. So hopefully, I will soon have at least a small role in a cultural institution and be making a little bit of money. The position I am holding out for is at the Eiteljorg, a museum dedicated to Native American History and Art as an assistant curator. It would be a great jumping off point for me as the curator role was the one that attracted me to museum studies in the first place. In the meantime, I have been hanging out with the boys, doing the house chores, and looking for other positions.

The type of posts you will see in Other Musings will include history posts, museum posts, general posts about my going-ons, and food posts. I hope whoever reads my blog will enjoy He and She and also my musings!


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